Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017 - Hopeful

January is almost over and I haven't reviewed last year's or posted this year's resolutions. The quest continues to lose weight.  I fell off the Weight Watchers bandwagon and tried to muster it alone, but I did not do well.  Hoping 2017 will be better.

I learned how to submit names to the temple last year, but more importantly, I need to take more names to the temple and share them with my family.  Some may find this transfer of names from the computer to the temple easy, but it is still a stress for me. I know I will get better at it the more I do it so I continue. I am on a self-proclaimed mission doing indexing and researching daily.  I am no doubt addicted.

Hugh and I did get our DNA tests done - finally. I'm 100% European (no surprises there), but I was amused to find out how Irish I was. When St. Patrick's Day comes around I won't be faking it when I say, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" I'm inspired to become more knowledgeable about research and indexing this year.

One thing I hope to do more is writing.  I said I'd blog more, but I didn't last year.  My plan is to follow the #52 Stories questions on familysearch.org, hoping to get more down on paper about my own personal life and in doing so I'll get more up on my blog.

Last but not least, I wrote about doing a "good turn daily" and writing it down, but I did not find this to be as fulfilling and motivating as I hoped.  I live my life in service daily and I already keep a journal.  I'm not trying to boast, but what shall I pick in my daily doings.  I did not feel so inclined to record it all in a separate journal (which was the plan). If anything, I'll be looking to writing about my weight - food and exercise and such in a separate journal and keep my regular one for daily life.

I have lots of goals, probably too many and too vague, but here I go anyway 2017.  Hoping for the best!