Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Woe Unto You . . . Hypocrites!"

I better write about last weeks lesson because tomorrow is a new one.  Hypocracy - it is usually easier to see such behavior in others and yet the lesson was about recognizing it in ourselves.  That's not so easy. 

One way to identify it - John 12:43:  "For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God." 

How to eliminate it - Doctrine & Covenants 82:19:  "Every man seeking the interest of his neighbor, and doing all things with an eye single to the glory of God.

Plus a promise - Doctrine & Covenants 88:67:   "And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things."

“He loves the Lord with all his heart who … is ready to give up, do, or suffer anything in order to please and glorify him. He loves God with all his soul … who is ready to give up life for his sake and to be deprived of the comforts of the world to glorify him. He loves God with all his strength who exerts all the powers of his body and soul in the service of God. He loves God with all his mind who applies himself only to know God and his will, who sees God in all things and acknowledges him in all ways.”  - Elder Howard W. Hunter, Improvement Era, June 1965, 512

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Summer!

It's the last day of school for Sam. I usually like the schedule of school (and I'll probably be ready for it when it comes around again), but because I have been working so much I'm happy to have my days open up to summer.  Plus we've got lots to do around here at home and with the care of my father at his place. Here's hoping for a good attitude and great moments.  Have a great summer!

"Let us simplify our lives a little. Let us make the changes necessary to refocus our lives on the sublime beauty of the simple, humble path of Christian discipleship—the path that leads always toward a life of meaning, gladness, and peace."

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alzheimer or Dyslexia?

Last year on my dad's birthday, Teresa, our caregiver, asked, "Coach, how old are you?"  His reply, "28." He was 82.

This year on my dad's birthday, Cassie asked, "Poppy, how old are you?"  His reply, "38."  He is 83.

We couldn't believe it, but here's the real weirdness.  We were amused by the whole thing and then realized he's actually 84 this year.  So I asked him, "Coach, how old are you?"  He said, "62."

My dad looked good on his birthday.  Scotty and Kate came to visit over the weekend.  He had a few cards, some cake, some conversation. He said he didn't hurt, that makes it even better.  I hope so, you never know if what he is saying is true even when it comes to hurting.  It was a good day - June 11, 2011

William Reynders with grandson William "Scott" Reynders
"You know you are getting old
when the candles cost more
than the cake."

Friday, June 10, 2011

The NC Trip (May 11 - 17)

So it was off to Angie's wedding - North Carolina or BUST!

I don't travel well because I haven't done it much. Every time I go somewhere it's a new adventure, like a full body scan at LAX - YIKES! And remind me not to bring so many clothes. Like I have any to start with. Becky and I could have rented a car for what we paid to check in an extra bag each, both ways - live and learn.

It was a good thing I had Becky along to keep me straight. I thought I was there to help her. Becky was good at following signs and directions. Me, I'm always second guessing everything which only got us off track. Maybe I'll get the hang of it all someday.
Me on vacation, ironing tablecloths. There's a good time!  Really, the point of the trip was to help Beth and all with the wedding.  I stayed up late and watched two movies as I ironed.  The next day we decorated the cultural hall in Garnet.
Raleigh North Carolina Temple - May 14 
Becky at the temple.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

All the family that came to greet the couple at the temple.

Fun reception with dancing, photobooth, food, and more.

Sister and brother reunion, Beth and Mark.

Me with the happy couple.
I was so glad I got to be there for their special day.

Becky with Edward and Angie
Off to the Bahamas, "We're outta here!"

"See ya!"
 Sunday afternoon, we drove to Pinehurst, home of big beautiful golf courses.  It was also a time of reminiscing because this is one of the places my brother Mark served as a missionary over 30 years ago.  This home is where he use to live.  It's divided into places of business now, one being a coffee shop.
Had to take a photo. 
We found an old house, now a place of business.  
It's called the BLAIR HOUSE.
Monday we did a little touring.  Beth wanted us to take a picture of this landmark.  Our McMullin relatives came from North Carolina.  We don't think they were necessarily Quaker, but we think they at least hung with the Quakers living in the area.  Anyway, it is Beth's assumption that our ancestors would have been at some of these meetings at Dunn's Creek.

We stopped at this old farm house for a guided tour.  It belonged to the John and Amy Harper family who definitely had Confederacy sentiments, but was taken over by the Union army and utilized as a hospital on the bottom floor while the family lived upstairs.  The hospital cared for both Union and Confederate soldiers, but when the Union army left they took only their soldiers with them.  The family cared for the rebel soldiers who were left.  The Bentonville Battle was fought on these grounds (that's why the home was taken over as a hospital).  We learned a little history and viewed a few other buildings on the property too.  Our relatives had moved away from North Carolina before the Civil War and were living in Missouri by this time.
We finally arrived home after seven busy days.  What the trip was really all about - FAMILIES ARE FOREVER. I'm grateful Becky was able to make the big trip to see her cousin's wedding and I'm glad I got to go too.

“When you look at your life
the greatest happiness
are family happinesses."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Thy Faith Hath Saved Thee"

Prayer was the focus of our lesson Sunday as we looked at the parable of the unjust judge and widow, the healing of a blind manZacchaeus receives Jesus in his home, and Lazarus is raised from the dead.  Prayer is a manifestation of our faith. We show through prayer that we look to God for help.  Our answers may come soon or late, but when they come (and they will come) our faith is strengthened.  We can be healed.  We can be whole.  He will direct and guide, strengthen, comfort, and perform miracles in each of our lives. For he loves everyone of us.  He wants to help, but we need to ask. Our thanking, our asking, shows our faith.  In turn, miracles happen and we feel the love of God.  I have no doubt.

"The passage of time has not altered the capacity of the Redeemer to change men's lives.  As he said to the dead Lazarus, so he says to you and me: '... come forth.' (John 11:43.)  Come forth from the despair of doubt.  Come forth from the sorrow of sin.  Come forth from the death of disbelief.  Come forth to a newness of life.  Come forth."

Thomas S. Monson
"The Paths Jesus Walked"
Ensign, May 1974, 50

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Shining Stars

Today I was able to attend Janna's final for her voice class.  Janna was a good show singing Gravity.  What a great experience she had.  I was inspired by her and the entire class plus Professor Jang.  It makes me want to take a singing class.

Janna at home after her performance.
In late April and early May, Tommy performed in the musical, My Turn on Earth.  It was a production popular in the 70's.  I had never seen it before.  I very much enjoyed the show.  Preparation for the production took a lot of  time.  It was a rewarding experience, but Tommy's glad to move on and focus on other things.
  Playing the part of John, Tommy(on the right)
with other cast members.
"As in Christ’s parable,
when we cultivate
the first talents God gives us,
he is ready to reveal more."