Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Temple - 2012

“If we are observant,
if we are thoughtful,
time can teach us much.”

Los Angeles Temple

I usually review my yearly goals in late December or early January.  Here it is June - that's an indicator of how my life has been.  Anyway, I want to share even though I'm six months late.  I might mention that my temple attendance had been so satisfying in 2011 that I didn't even set a goal for 2012 about the temple. My decision to go to the temple every week came later in January, read on . . .

For years I have been trying to push myself beyond my usual monthly visit to the temple.  At one time I  wanted to double my attendance, but I usually ended up with about 18 visits a year. Then in August of 2010, I was pondering some things I was prayerfully concerned about; a prompting clearly came, "Go to the temple every week."  That didn't seem a likely possibility, all sorts of things can keep you from the temple, not to mention my busyness; but, whatever, in spite of the obstacles I felt impressed to do it.

One big barrier for me was driving; the LA Temple is not around the corner and I take antihistamines.  I'm always tired, not to mention behind the wheel.  Problem solved:  I don't take an antihistamine in the morning when I go to the temple or at least one that would make me drowsy.  With my reliable Toyota RAV, me not sleepy, the way was open and I started driving each week and taking people along with me.  I picked a day that suited me for the week, tried to fill my car, and I was off.  Sometimes I went alone. I was pretty consistent, but every once in awhile I'd miss.  I wasn't real concerned about missing because I figured it was inevitable. I knew I would be subject to something that would get in the way of my weekly attendance - sickness, weather, home concerns, etc. I didn't want to become discouraged if I did miss; what can I say, life happens.  I was pleased with my efforts and I was definitely feeling the benefits.

In early January of 2012, Jordan M. asked with bright eyes and a cheerful smile, "Are you still going to the temple every week?"  He was very positive in his request to know ( I took his elderly parents at least once a month), but I reacted somewhat negatively; relaying that I was trying to go every week, but the reality was - impossible. That was the end of our conversation, but with my disheartened feelings the Spirit immediately questioned me, "Why are you talking that way?"  It got me thinking . . . and with that prompt I felt encouraged to carry on - maybe, just maybe, I could go to the temple every week for a year. I felt like my Heavenly Father wanted me to and that He would help me.  I had my track record; I had already been very consistent for almost a year and a half. I was only a few weeks into January and had made it those few weeks without any interruption.  I sat down and mapped out the year considering all the commitments I was already aware of for 2012; then, to fine tune, I checked the LA and Redlands Temples schedules knowing both would be closed at different times.  I was then prepared with tentative dates for each week.

It seems unbelievable, but I made it every week - in spite of sickness, weather, and other concerns.  I didn't always have to drive; there were others who had weekly commitments I could get a ride with when I needed to. I always had a backup plan. I didn't do the same thing every time I went either. Some weeks I worked as a volunteer going with my husband on the 3rd and 5th Fridays. Another time I didn't attend the temple to serve others who had passed on, but I took my friend Lisa to tour the new Brigham City Temple

My closest miss involved being pulled over by a police officer, missed an off ramp, and then panicked at the lost time; I sobbed the rest of the way to the Redlands Temple praying in my heart that I'd make my appointment.  I was late, but they accommodated me for just a few minutes of service before they closed for the afternoon.  Just the orchestration of it all with my schedule was amazing, but it worked.  Every week was an adventure; who went with me, when, and what I learned.

More than ever before, I realize how important the temple is.  How blessed I am to be able to go and feel the peace.  I am so grateful to help others experience the temple as I serve as a volunteer.  I know I'm just baby steps into understanding all that can be learned, but in this weekly effort I took a big leap forward.  I'm back to my old ways this year. It wasn't like I didn't go before (usually once or twice a month, maybe even three), but 2012 was a time of strengthening that my Heavenly Father knew I needed. That consistency of going to the temple every week has carried me through much trial and I am still carried by the spiritual lift I received.  I'm definitely getting like my dad who has always had a great testimony of the temple and it's benefits; there's no doubt about it, it's all about the temple - meaning, it's all about CHRIST.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Me and our party at Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Thanks for a great day!  Best wishes Haley!

Can you believe it? This is what I've been doing with my time. Yesterday was SPA DAY (at Glen Ivy in Corona) for Haley's Bachelorette Party. It was very nice and relaxing. It would be nice to do it again and not wait another 60 years to pull it off. I remember as a kid my grandmother going with her cousins to the hot springs.  Now I know why - all the relief from aches and pains, not to mention great company and food. Sign me up for a year's pass and for the rest of my life; oh . . . one problem, I was so relaxed and tired it was hard to drive home. Hughie gets in the tub every morning trying to soak his aches and pains away.  I guess I'll have to compensate and follow his lead.

Take rest;
a field that has rested
gives a bountiful crop.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This video is about a little girl's perspective
living with her Autistic brother.
It touched me because
many of the children I service are Autistic.

Subbing has been a little different for me this year. Initially I ended up being in a class for approximately four months. It was a class I have subbed for many times over the years. I was happy to be there. I couldn't have done it without the help I received. The para educators who are in the class are awesome. They guided me, helped me, and together we made a team. I also had support from other staff and administrators. The children naturally  began to bond with me and accepted me as their real teacher; which they, of course, would do over time and yet, I was only the substitute. I was very temporary, there was no doubt about that. The teacher was ill, but is back in the class now.  The situation was very bittersweet for me because I too had bonded and made friends.  It was time to move on.

I sub for a reason - I don't have to work every day; yet the pressure of daily work was on me.  I felt compelled to be of service.  I felt being there was the right thing to do and I was glad to do it, but when it was over I felt I needed  to take a bit of a rest. It then seemed very odd not working for almost two months after having worked so consistently, but I was feeling a little tired, melancholy, and worn out.

Some years back I ended up taking a three month hiatus from subbing when my mother went on hospice and  eventually passed away.  I had things to do at home and it seems that's the case now with Janna leaving for a mission in July and Tom marrying in June.  My dad too was on hospice earlier this year, but is doing better.  We have also had many visitors which we were happy to receive. I have been very content to stay at home  with all the doings.

Well,  this post has been a kind of overview of my working school year.  It is now May and I have jumped in again with subbing. I am feeling better and am back in the swing of things.  I am assuming I will finish out the school year doing my usual two to three days a week.  

"Look for ways
to bless the lives
of others
through seemingly
simple acts of service."

Steven E. Snow

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Water and Sleep

I never drink.

I never sleep.

I've been in a bit of a slump the last two months.  I only worked two days for the school district. One at the beginning of March and one at the end of April with nothing in between.  I have finally fully recovered from my fall last February, but now the other knee hurts.  I keep thinking it will get better, being lighter would help.  I have had lots of headaches this spring dealing with my allergies, but that too seems better now. What once had me down seems to have moved on.  The light is a little brighter; therefore, I'm a little more optimistic.

My food and exercise are an issue.  I set two new challenges for the month of May at  The goals don't have anything to do with my diet or exercise, but I'm hoping they help.  It is to drink more water and get more sleep.  I've decided to start there.  Maybe my motivation will perk with these improvements because right now I can certainly say, "I really want to eat and I don't want to exercise."  Here's to watching me win the battle or should I say, "lose the battle."  What a situation I'm in.

April 2nd - 240 lbs.
May 1st - 242 lbs.
Total weight gained 2 lbs.
Total loss since January 1st - 8.8 lbs.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly,
be afraid only of standing still.”
~Chinese Proverb