Monday, October 27, 2008


It seems that many a family or friend take a turn doing some kind of "Ding-Dong Ditch" activity in an attempt to create some entertaining fun. We are no different. I want to envision the event as some happy family experience, but we have to be classified as the notorious "Ding-Dong Dopes"! There is always a story to tell at the end of the evening and I don't think I can say it's always happy. Just plan on someone getting hurt, caught, or how about.....forgetting the goody we were supposed to leave at the door.

It's always an adventure!

This is just one of the infamous
"Ding-Dong Dopes",
dressed in incognito attire,
ready to raid and masquerade
throughout the neighborhood!

Did we hit your place tonight?

"Sometimes fun
is just being together."

--Wes Fessler

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Proposition 8 in Plain English

This was a great presentation I viewed on YouTube. The graphics and explanations are simple, concise, and easily understood. It explains how I feel and I believe how the majority of Californians feel. I love my neighbor, but I'm all about traditional marriage. It's a foundation that keeps our nation strong and blesses the lives of each individual. I know not every family is intact, but it is still the ideal. God ordained marriage between a man and a woman. If you're still wondering about this important proposition, take 4 minutes to view this video:

"The future of this republic
is in the hands of the American voter."


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Subbing Saga Continues......

I was really starting to wonder if this subbing thing was going to take off, but everyone assured me it was just early in the year and that there were a lot of subs out there. My working day count: August - 0, September - 1, and October - 5 with 3 scheduled, making 8 so far this month.....I think we're finally getting there.

Hughie gave me a blessing after I was hired. He said as he laid his hands upon my head, that I would be an "influence". I don't know what I was thinking, some how I envisioned me hanging out in the teacher's lounge influencing adults. Where did that come from? My time is limited in adult association at school, and maybe, just maybe over time, I might influence an adult or two. I soon saw as I set foot in my first classroom and as I have carried on, the Spirit has rested upon me, has helped me, and I recognize that I'm very much an influence on children. Every day has not been a golden moment, but every day I'm learning just like these kids are.

Happily, things have worked out too to volunteer in Sam's classroom. I started in October, going in every Thursday afternoon. I help with reading, singing (we'll eventually learn the recorder), and I'm the mom that lets them shop in their classroom store once a month with Ms. Munoz Mula (a reward system instituted by their teacher). I'm glad to be there!

"No greater responsibility can rest upon any man [or woman], than to be a teacher of God’s children." - David O. McKay
in the Conference Report, Oct. 1916, 57

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gotta BLOG!

I can't help it! I've gotta BLOG! I know I already did one post on this important subject, and I maintain a constant visual on my sidebar concerning the matter, but we're getting down to the wire.

“...The family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.”

Quoted by Elder Russell M. Nelson from The Family: A Proclamation to the World at general conference, October 5, 2008, Sunday afternoon session.

to vote
by October 20th


November 4th!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


“The Relief Society is the Lord’s organization for the women. It compliments the priesthood training given to the brethren. There is a power in this organization that has not yet been fully exercised to strengthen the homes of Zion and build the Kingdom of God – nor will it until both the sisters and the priesthood catch the vision of Relief Society.” --Spencer W. Kimball, “Relief Society—Its Promise and Potential,” Ensign, Mar. 1976, 2

That was 1976. This is 2008. Now is the time for women to move forward in their influence with faithful testimonies, strength, and service. Last Saturday, September 27, 2008, we had our annual general Relief Society meeting broadcast. I zeroed in on a particular quote that President Julie B. Beck quoted by Elder Neal A. Maxwell. These are her words including his:

We can do the work of the Lord in His way when we seek, receive, and act on personal revelation. Without personal revelation, we cannot succeed. If we heed personal revelation, we cannot fail. The prophet Nephi instructs us that the Holy Ghost will show us “all things what ye should do.” It was prophesied that in the latter days the Lord would pour out His Spirit upon His handmaids.This will happen as we allow ourselves to be still enough and quiet enough to listen to the voice of the Spirit. Elder Neal A. Maxwell taught us that receiving revelation for our calling and in our personal lives “requires serious mental effort on our part…. Revelation is not a matter of pushing buttons, but of pushing ourselves, often aided by fasting, scripture study, and personal pondering. Most of all, revelation requires us to have a sufficient degree of personal righteousness, so that on occasion revelation may come to the righteous, unsolicited.”

I am confident as I join hands with the sisters in Zion, we offer ourselves as vessels to the Lord prepared to build the kingdom of God. Guided by the Spirit, I will strengthen my home, help in the community, and be valiant in my testimony of truth. As we serve with hearts of gladness and stand for truth and righteousness, individual lives will be touched and our nations will be blessed because of our commitment to Christ and his teachings.

In a time when the world seems to be crumbling, I am grateful for my testimony, the knowledge that Jesus is the Christ and my Savior; that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that truth has been restored; that the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God; and that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God here today, leading and guiding us through these tumultuous times. This gives me comfort and peace that sinks deep into my heart, and touches every fiber of my being, radiating calming light to my soul, in spite of chaos in the world. I will move forward with POWER as just one sister among many in my choice to be part of this great work in building up the kingdom of God in these latter days.