Saturday, November 30, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 30

I am thankful for journals
and the hope in Christ 
they leave to others.
President Kimball's words, "Journals are a way of counting our blessings and of leaving an inventory of these blessing for our posterity."  I keep a journal, but I don't think it is as full of blessings as it should be.  I'm going to try and make it more of that in my twilight years - showing my gratitude will hopefully show my family the importance of the Lord in our daily living.  I am thankful for journals - in all forms (blogs, journals, saved talks, and my collections of letters I have sent to my missionary children).  It's been a good month of being thankful.  I need to do it more. I'm off to a good start. This will be one of my goals in 2014 - being more thankful and recording it.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 29

I am thankful I can walk.  It seems a simple enough thing, but after falling last February and falling hard; I very much appreciate walking.  I still don't feel too sure on my feet, but all the same I'm grateful. Part of our Thanksgiving holiday has been to walk/hike at the Joshua Tree National Park.

Walking is the best possible exercise.
Habituate yourself to walk very fast.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 28

I'm thankful for Thanksgiving.
It's my favorite holiday.
  I love it!

I think I  have made Thanksgiving my favorite holiday for several reasons.  One, the gathering of family - extended family.  Two, I definitely love the food. Three, I have such lasting memories and fondness of these gatherings even though there are gatherings of extended family and food at other celebrations during the year. Four, it's traditional and I love carrying on the tradition.  And last but not least, five, Thanksgiving is all about being thankful - counting our blessings.

"And in nothing doth man offend God,
or against none is his wrath kindled,
save those who confess not
his hand in all things,
and obey not his commandments."
Doctrine and Covenants 59:21

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 27

I am thankful for my house.  You can't see much of it in this picture, but this picture got me thinking about our home. We moved here in 2006; had lived in an apartment before that for eight months waiting for this house to be finished..  This was our original group moving into what was then the Juniper Ward.  In this photo it's June 2008.  We would have lived in this house for a little over two years.  How much has changed from this time.

Here's a few things I have chronicled:

1.  We had just switched to the Sierra Ward because they changed the church boundaries. Since then we're still in the Sierra Ward, but we go to church back at our old building. No more walking across the street like we had planned.

2.  Hugh had been released from the stake presidency having served in that position for seven years, then served at the prison for two years, then as high priest group leader and now bishop again; at work he's laboring harder than ever.

3.   Sam was a nine-year-old Cub Scout.  Now he's a freshman in high school.

4.  Tommy would be leaving on his mission in August.  Since then he served in the Texas Houston South mission for two years, came home and worked for a year, some school, and then decided to be a carpenter, got married and now has decided to join the army.

5.  Janna was 16 and driving, going into her junior year of high school in the fall, and going on the stake youth conference trek the following month.  Now she's had several years of college and is serving a mission in the Florida Orlando mission.

6.  Becky, doesn't look a whole lot different.  Her hair is almost as long now as it is in this picture even though she has cut it several times.  A young adult here, but will be 31 this next February 2014.

7.  Me, I had been home a good 30 years.  I will start working the following August as a substitute teacher. I'm still substitute teaching; it's been five years.  We had been dealing with the care of my parents. My mother has since passed away and we have a full-time caregiver helping with my dad.

This house has been grand central station - that's why we bought it; traffic, traffic, and more traffic - so many visitors, so much going on.  It would have been very difficult at our other house.  It dawned on us one day that we should move and everything fell into place.  This house has served us well. More has happened than I've stated and, no doubt, more will happen over the next five years. - where will we all be then?

"There is nothing
like staying at home
for real comfort."

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 26

I am thankful for pie.

My assignment for Thanksgiving is making the pies.  When I was a girl, my grandmother, Cassie, always made the pies.  When I got older (after my grandmother passed away), my mother would give me the assignment of making the pies for big gatherings.  I asked why she never made the pies because I knew she could do it.  I absolutely loved her pumpkin pie - Costco can't top it.  She said, "Because I don't like to make pie!." So that was that.  For whatever reason, I like gardening, I like doing dishes (that is if I'm putting them in the dishwasher), and I like (or at least I'm very willing) to make pie.  I'm getting things ready for the big day on Thursday.  We'll have two chocolate, pumpkin, apple, and pecan.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 25

Me, Adam, Mark, Beth
This pictures was taken in November 2009
We gathered together to visit my parents.
My mother had been placed on hospice.
She died weeks later.

As a kid growing up, you could do a lot of griping about your siblings, but I have to say in the big scheme of things I've got it pretty good.  I know the reason I've got it good is because my brothers and sister all try to live the gospel and if you live the gospel you can't help but get along.  I'm the oldest, Mark, Beth, and then Adam.  I am thankful for my brothers and sister.

"Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply ..."

Jane Austen, 
Mansfield Park, 1814

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 24

We all promised.

I am thankful for the Sabbath day.  I found a talk I wrote years ago - as in, before I ever had a computer.  I pulled some quotes from the talk to post here.  I believe in the Sabbath.  I believe in keeping it a holy day.  I know we are blessed in many, many ways by following this commandment.

"Ever since Adam's day the divine law of the Sabbath has been emphasized repeatedly over the centuries more than any other commandment.  This long emphasis alone is an indication of its importance."

Elder James E. Faust
"The Lord's Day"
Ensign, November 1991

"How we observe the Sabbath indicates our feelings toward our Father in Heaven."

Elder LeGrand R. Curtis
"Happiness Is Homemade"
Ensign, November 1990

"There appear to be three things that the Lord would require of us in keeping His day holy.  The first: to keep ourselves unspotted from the world.  Second is to go to the house of prayer and partake of the sacrament.  The third is to rest from our labors."

Elder L. Tom Perry
"And, Why Call Ye Me, Lord, Lord,
and Do Not the Things Which I Say?"
Ensign, November 1984

"Does the Lord love and bless those who keep the Sabbath day holy!  I testify that he does in eternally meaningful ways.  I further testify that when we eventually see things through the proper perspective of eternal truth, we will be amazed at how much we were blessed in important--though often unperceived--ways through keeping the Sabbath holy; and to our sorrow we may sense how many blessings we kept from ourselves by not consistently keeping the Sabbath day holy."

Elder John H. Groberg
"The Power of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy"
Ensign, November 1984

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 23


I am thankful for fish.  Not everyone likes fish, but I do.  I like fish tacos.  I like a variety of shell fish, but I really shouldn't eat it because I'm allergic.  As a kid, I was definitely all about a tuna fish sandwich or tuna fish casserole; I still am.  If Hugh and I ever go out, I almost always go for salmon - yum!  I like trout too.  I do draw the line on a few fishy things like octopus, clams, and sardines - "Sorry, no thank you!" 

My friend, Cathy, taught me how to cook fish one evening when I had dinner in her home; just fried it in a pan - so easy.  It was delicious, but I haven't been brave enough to try it myself. I don't know what my hang up is, but I've got fish on my mind because the boys left early this morning to go deep sea fishing.  If they come home with something, I just might have to cook it. It seems I always like food better when someone else fixes it, especially fish.

"Give a man a fish
and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish
and you feed him
for a lifetime."

Friday, November 22, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 22

"God writes the gospel
not in the Bible alone
 but on trees and flowers
and clouds and stars."

We had a lot of rain yesterday and it's still raining today.  Rain helps things grow.  The state flower for California is the poppy.  I remember going out to see the poppies as a child and having my picture taken in what seemed to be a sea of orange.  I still love seeing the poppies and we carry on the tradition of taking pictures in the poppy fields, but the last few years have been very sparse.  We live in the poppy capital of California.  I'm praying for rain and praying for a good year of poppies in the spring.

I am thankful for poppies.
Poppies bring happy childhood memories.
I plant them in my garden and  look for them every year!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 21

“I may not always be with you 
But when we're far apart
Remember you will be with me
Right inside my heart” 

I am thankful Tom and Haley have moved in with us.  Should I be? That doesn't seem right - kids coming back to the nest, but they're here. They arrived yesterday and I am so happy about it.  Tom has joined the army - it's official. Tom is scheduled for boot camp in April, but it's possible he could leave even sooner. Like Tom's brother, Rick, who serves in the Navy, you don't usually end up living close by - meaning, we won't see them as often as we'd like. We are grateful for this precious time together and I could really use the help around here. 

Tom and Haley moved from Clovis where they lived close to their cousins plus Uncle Mark and Aunt Jo. After they left Aunt Jo called and said, "We're sure going to miss Tom and Haley.  They kind of spiced things up around here."  I don't doubt it. We know they are a lot of fun.  Looking forward to spicier days at the Blair house - loving Tom and Haley and wishing them the best!

Everyday an adventure!
Haley and Tommy spicing up life.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 20

I am thankful for kind people.  I love it when people are generous. I had a man in line that was shopping just like me and made a point to carry out a big item for me because he knew it would be an awkward task for me. In this world that seems to get uglier and uglier, I'm grateful for a happy "hello" and the gesture of opening a door.  It brightens my day in so many ways. Kindness makes for happy memories. Today I received a fun email from someone who took the time to send us a picture of Janna.  She sent this note: You have a wonderful daughter. Of course, it made my day.  Thank you Amy from Ocala, Florida!

Sister Pitts and Sister Blair

"Kind people
are the best kind of people."
Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 19

I am thankful for gardens.
"Use plants to bring life."

There is lots to be thankful for when it comes to gardens and gardening.  Here are some of my feelings:

1.   Gardens are beautiful (or at least they can be - no one likes weeds).
2.   Gardens can provide food - YUM!
3.   I personal enjoy working in the garden (definitely like it more than cleaning house).
4.   It's a great place to meditate.
5.   Sunshine is a good thing (except in my case - yikes! - skin cancer - wear sunscreen).
6.   Gardening can help you learn to live providently. I'm not sure it's working in my case.
7.   It's a form of creativity.
8.   It's something to share with others - seeing the flowers, giving the flowers, giving the food.
9.   Love the fragrance - except the allergy part.
10. Love watching things grow.
11. I delight in seeing humming birds and certain birds frequent my garden (not so happy when birds, bugs, cats, and squirrels abuse my garden and definitely no dogs allowed).
12. God's earth is a garden. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 18

"The soul is healed by being with children."
--English Proverb

As I have counted my many blessings this month, I have already said I'm thankful for being a child of God, thankful for my children and grandchildren, but let me take my thanks and expand it - I am grateful for all children. For many years I have had association with my own children, grandchildren, and extended families with their children plus neighbors and friends.  I have taught in church and at school. I have no doubt - children bless our lives.  Yes, they can be very busy and get into things and exasperate us beyond belief with their doings, but I am still thankful for them.  Children with all their innocence can lead us to Christ. They are examples to us with their forgiving spirits, love, and trust - just to name a few. Watch the bible video included in this post which takes the words of the Savior and teaches the importance of children and becoming like them.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 17

Favorite Season:  AUTUMN

“There is something incredibly
nostalgic and significant
about the annual cascade
of autumn leaves.” 

I am thankful for four seasons.  Granted, I live in the desert and things might not seem that seasonal around here especially compared to other parts of the country. In my younger days, I was all about summer with the freedom warmer months bring; like running, biking, swimming, climbing trees, not to mention - no school. Since I'm older now, autumn has become my favorite with the changing and falling leaves, cooler weather, and my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving.  I am grateful to see the years pass watching the seasons come and go.  There is something special about each one with memories tagged to each transition.

We can also look at our lives having seasons.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 reads, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."  Unfortunately, my life has stepped into winter. There are things still to do even in winter and memories to be had, but I'm certainly not functioning like my earlier years. Looking forward to my spring with hope in Christ.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 16

Los Angeles Temple

I am thankful for temples.  Last year I went every week, but that's not the case this year.  That was some kind of miraculous turn of events me going every week, and working, and being so very busy.  Maybe the temple is what got me through it all.  I'm at a slower pace right now, but grateful for my time spent in the House of the Lord. We just went last night to do our assignment at the LA Temple.  It was nice to be there and do our part in the great work of salvation.

"I urge our people everywhere, with all of the persuasiveness of which I am capable, to live worthy to hold a temple recommend, to secure one and regard it as a precious asset, and to make a greater effort to go to the House of the Lord and partake of the spirit and the blessings to be had therein."

Friday, November 15, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 15

I am thankful for my children.
Now ya know what I'm dealing with.
(Photo taken in the photo booth
at Tom's & Haley's wedding reception.)

“If you can only
convince your children
that you love them, . . . 
that you are their truest friend,
they, in turn,
will place confidence in you
and will love you
and seek to do your bidding.” 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 14

"I [Martha], having been born of goodly parents . . ." (1 Nephi 1:1)
William Burton Reynders 
Dorothy McMullin Reynders
This picture is from their mission as they served in Nauvoo, IL.

My mother passed away four years ago this month.  My dad is still living, but has a caregiver in his home because he cannot care for himself.  I honor them in this post.  They taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I had a moment of thought as a mother, with many children, and I felt like I wasn't doing enough to provide for my children.  I didn't seem to have the money, energy, or time to give them opportunities in sports, dance lessons, etc. like I thought I should.  I was kicking myself for my neglect and yet there wasn't anything I could really do about it, but the Spirit taught me something very important - I was teaching my children the gospel of Jesus Christ, because of me they would know Him. I could see that my husband and I had made the gospel of Christ the center of our home. We were "goodly parents"; I found peace in that and it spurred me on to be ever more faithful in teaching and preaching Christ in my home.  Thanks mom and dad for helping me carry on the legacy of truth. I am thankful for my parents.

"I'm convinced that special blessings await the youth who reverence their parents through the good times and the bad times-when honest mistakes are made and when the wise suggestions prove to be right. Most of us, like Nephi, were born of 'goodly parents,' and the best we can offer in return is to strive to be goodly children."(The Road to Somewhere: A Guide for Young Men and Women, p. 94.)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 13

I am thankful for books.

I have never really been a big reader.  I've read more the older I've gotten, thank goodness. I feel like I missed out when I was younger, but I was very active and would be much more content to go outside and ride a bike. Riding a bike is a good thing, but there is joy in reading too. I have memories reading when I nursed my children.  Yes, I was bonding, but I took some delight in the fact that I couldn't get up to tend to other things and therefore, felt very justified in sitting there and reading.  Other people wouldn't have to find an excuse to sit and read, but me and my busyness could easily get the better of me. I needed a reason to sit. Seven years of nursing gave me plenty of opportunities to bask in a book.  I happily did so.

I have favorites listed on my sidebar and recent reads, but I very much value the daily reading of  The Book of Mormon.  I claim it as my favorite book. I have learned of the strength and power that comes through daily study.  My favorite talk from the latest general conference was from Elder Boyd K. Packer.  He said:

"The scriptures
hold the keys
to spiritual protection."

I believe it.  I have experienced it.  I live it.  I know it - reading from the Book of Mormon daily makes a difference. I am so grateful to have it.  I am blessed because of it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 12

I am thankful for apples.  I like food in general, but there are many things that disagree with my system - allergies, sensitivities, etc. Apples, for whatever reason, never cause me a problem.  Granted, I don't like them mushy. I admit I like them in baked goods, but a good clean apple hits the spot every time - raw, mixed with my oatmeal, for a snack, or with a sandwich.  I like them in salad too.  I try to eat one everyday.  They make me feel good.

"An apple a day
keeps the doctor away."
--old proverb

Monday, November 11, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 11

"Building a better you
is the first step to
building a better America."
Zig Ziglar

Happy Veteran's Day!

I am thankful for America and standing for freedom. Of course, being Veteran's Day, I want to pay special tribute to all the men and women who have died for our country and currently work in the armed forces.  My husband and I both have fathers who served in the Navy.  My oldest son, Ricky,  is currently serving in the Navy, and my son, Tom, will soon be joining the ranks with the Army in the coming year.  I honor all who serve - God Bless America! We all have our part in making America better. May we do our part in keeping our nation strong - strong for us and strong for the world.

Terrorist attacks can shake
the foundations of our biggest buildings,
but they cannot touch
the foundation of America.
These acts shatter steel,
but they cannot dent
the steel of American resolve.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 10

I am thankful for rain.  I live in the desert so when it rains I rejoice.  I guess we have more rain in our desert than in Arizona. My son, Bill, said when he first moved there he noticed his students would hover at the window to see the rain come down because it was such a rarity.  He'd shake his head and say, "It's just rain!"  But after living there for a period of time he gets it - because it rains so little. Kids hover at the window here when it snows.  We get it maybe every four years and I imagine in states where it rains a lot they bask in their moments with the sun. We have clear skies often. I wonder if there are places in the world where there is never a clear sky? I wake up every morning looking for a cloud hoping for a little rain. I guess it is somewhat natural to want what you don't have.  I speculate, whatever, I'm all about rain. I've always gloried in it as a child and still as an adult - I love it!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 9

The inhabitants [of the world]
are begotten sons
and daughters unto God.
Doctrine and Covenants 76:24

"Who are you? Does that sound like an easy question? Do you think that you know the answer? Certainly you know your name. You know who your parents are and that they love and care about you. You are also someone very special to Heavenly Father, the Father of your spirit. He loves you too." 

Laurel Rohlfling
("Sharing Time:  I Am a Child of God", Friend, January 1989)

Counting Blessings today :
I am a child of God.
I am happy to be.
I have a Heavenly Father and I am so thankful for that knowledge.

I am currently serving in the Sierra Ward Primary.  This year's Primary presentation  was "I Am a Child of God" - that's just one reason this message is so close and dear to my heart.  We've talked and sung about it all year.  I know it is true.  We are children of our Heavenly Father.

Watch and listen to this favorite Primary song, CS #2

Primary Song:  I Am a Child of God
Text:  Naomi Ward Randall
Music:  Mildred Tanner Pettit

Friday, November 8, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 8

WOW!  Getting up to Day 8 hasn't been too bad, but I've got 22 days to go.  Am I grateful enough?  I hope so.

I'm thankful for all my grandchildren. Earlier I had the happy privileged of visiting these two little girls who I don't get to see very often, my granddaughters - Ryan and Dani.  I stayed a whole week just being grandma. Just one of our activities together was Trick or Treating.  It was a great visit.

Ready for Halloween Trick or Treating:
Ryan - Pinky Pie Equestrian Girl
Dani- Monster

never run out of
 hugs and cookies."
Author Unknown

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 7

Me and Melanie

I am happy to have a lot of friends.  Please don't feel slighted because I don't name you all in this post.  I am grateful for all my friends, but today I am thankful for old friends.  You don't have to be old to be an old friend, but it happens that way sometimes. Lots of times you don't even have to know someone for very long to become friends; in fact, sometimes you're the best of friends the minute you meet.   But the thing I think is remarkable about old friends is that when you get together after years of being apart you pick up right where you left off.

While in Arizona I was able to rendezvous with my old friend Melanie. We had a good year and a half together back in the day. It was over 20 years ago where Melanie and I found ourselves neighbors with several children the same age; in a way we were comrades in arms as we trudged and happily experienced the ups and downs in the daily life of motherhood - at home, church, school, and in our neighborhood. Melanie was a delight to be with and we spent many a day together.  It was too bad our happy camaraderie had to end. They're family moved on to another job, in another state, and we were left to mourn our loss of something that was once very good.  We had our memories and the hope of finding other friends just as wonderful, just as helpful, just as supportive, and we DID.

It was great seeing each other. We ate together and had a nice visit, but didn't come close to catching up. We have a lot in common and a lot to share so the conversation could have gone on and on, but here's just one fun fact:  Our "little boys" are the same age, freshman in high school, and both named "Sam".  Hopefully we'll see each other again - sooner instead of later.

Glad to see you Melanie - it was a good day - another one to add to a list of happy memories. 

I sang this as a Girl Scout:

"Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver
And the other gold."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 6

Leesburg Zone
Sister Janna Blair - bottom right
Zone Conference with Elder Walker

I am thankful for having a missionary in the field.  Granted, I'm thankful for Janna, but having her serve as a missionary is a special blessing in our home.  I've had three other children serve and I just know from experience that there is an added measure of the Spirit in our home and in our lives as they served. I sometimes wonder if it is simply the fact that you have sacrificed in letting them go and like all service Heavenly Father rewards.  Having someone serving constantly day in and day out in this special way blesses you.  That goes for Hughie serving as bishop again.  I feel it daily and I am grateful for it.

President Kimball said that "the missionary work, like the tithing, will pour out blessings, as Malachi said, so many blessings that there'll hardly be room enough to receive them."

(From an Area conference Report, Korea, August 1975, p. 61, also see Malachi 3:10.)

This was quoted by Elder Carlos E. Asay at a Prospective Missionary Conference in Provo, Utah September 20 1984.  An edited version is in the October 1985 Ensign"The Blessings of Sharing the Gospel" - he lists 17 blessings that come from missionary service.  He says there are more blessings.  I do not doubt that some of those extra blessings spill over into the family of the missionary. I am so glad to be part of it.  We serve as we support missionaries.  It is just one part of sharing the gospel.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 5

Hugh and I both turned 60 last July.
We're going on 38 years of marriage next February.

Who'd a thunk we'd be this old?
Who'd a thunk we'd be married so long?
Who'd a thunk we've done all we've done?
Thanks for the memories!!!
You're a KEEPER!

I don't know how to say this without sounding somewhat odd, but then I am an odd duck of sorts.  I really had to think about getting married.  Maybe that's not so odd after all - marriage takes some thinking; I mean we're talking time and in our case all eternity too.  But I wondered, maybe I would rather be single?

When Hugh asked me to marry him I remember the Spirit making an impression on me,"You can be happy single, but your greatest happiness will come through marriage" - and I might add who you marry.  I said, "Yes."  I am thankful for my husband, but I am also thankful for the institution of marriage.  It's part of Heavenly Father's plan - The Plan of Happiness.  Now after nearly 38 years and still counting, of ups and downs and all around I get it more than ever - marrying Hugh was one of the BEST decisions I ever made.
“In the enriching of marriage
the big things are the little things.
It is a constant appreciation
for each other and a thoughtful
demonstration of gratitude.
It is the encouraging and
the helping of each other to grow.
Marriage is a joint quest for the good,
the beautiful, and the divine.”

James E. Faust,

"The Enriching of Marriage,"
general conference,
October 1977

Monday, November 4, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 4

"You've had a birthday,
Shout Hooray!"

Back in the Day
"Little Boy"

I can't help, but mention Sam because it's his birthday.  I'm thankful for Sam, "Little Boy" as Janna calls him.  He's not little anymore.  He's 15 today and still growing.  I love this guy.  He's a delight to the whole family.  I appreciate his goodness.  The best to you Sam!

Teenage time is coming of age time - transforming into an adult.  As difficult as it may seem, it's one of the best times.  I know - been there done that.  I look at my adolescent and college years with happy fondness - in spite of my awkwardness, in spite of mistakes, in spite of  all the drama and me thinking something was the end of the world.  It was a great time of joy, learning, and growing.  I know Heavenly Father was looking out for me.  He was very much aware of me and as I grew physically; I grew spiritually.  I observe your life Sam and look back at my own with happy fondness.  I can better see and understand the love of our Heavenly Father as I have loved you.  Happy Birthday!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 3

"I believe that music
heals the soul."

You may wonder if there is a rhyme or reason to my thankful posts - there is none.  Whatever suits me at the time and today I've decided, I am thankful for my piano and that I know  something about music

People have said I cope well.  When I read the above quote by Alex Boye I wondered if that is why I do cope - sit down and play the piano, sing a song, bask in the music.  I readily have a therapy session with the joy that music brings.

I know I lack in so many ways when it comes to playing the piano and now the organ at church (usually once a month these days). I should play better than I do.  I should have practiced more and should practice now. I am sure there are many who wish they knew a little of what I know; not to mention the fact that I even own a piano - that's on many a wish list.  Believe me, I'm not boasting in spite of how it may sound.  The reality is I'm going through this recognition.  I'm just a few days into this 30-days of thanksgiving thing and  I'm seeing, again, how much I take my blessings for granted.

One of the fingers on my left-hand started hurting this summer - Arthritis?  I don't know, but I decided to start playing the piano everyday to get it moving and it feels better.  I feel better, that's the whole point.  I love the piano and I love that I can play and sing.  Heavenly Father has been very generous - parents who insisted on me learning to play the piano, a husband who joined with me in the value of having the instrument in our home, my desire to sing and serve in music with church, and I definitely use it when I substitute teach. I do regret not teaching my children better at the piano.  It seemed I always had a child in my arms and with that busyness I never made it the priority to keep at it with the kids.  I always thought I'd have more time later  . . . and yet . .  maybe I do - ETERNITY!  I'd like to think music will be even more a part of my life as well as for my children; in the meantime, I better keep practicing.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 2

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I have a friend who is an inspiration to me.  I am thankful for Kristi at Thankful Me. Here I am posting thirty days of gratitude and she amazingly posts blessings everyday. I really don't know Kristi that well which might make you wonder why she's on my list.  She use to live in my ward  some years ago and there was even a time we were walking partners. She has since moved to a different ward and a different stake.  Our contact is mainly through our blogs. I love seeing her happy creations, recipes, the news of her family, and service - the list goes on.  She has so much to be thankful for.  I honor and admire her. Her happy gratitude makes me more grateful.  She recognizes her blessings daily - we all should.  I want to be more like her.

In the gospel of Jesus Christ their is a bonding that takes place simply by being members of the Church. Our faith binds us together as we serve, as we love, and as we live the gospel of Christ.  With that said, even though I haven't spent a lot of time with Kristi we still have a bond that has come because of our love for Christ.

"And he commanded them
that there should be no contention
one with another,
but that they should look forward
with one eye,
having one faith and one baptism,
having their hearts knit together
in unity and in love
one toward another."

Friday, November 1, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 1

I've been a little down as of late because I haven't felt well.  What a better way to snap out of it than to "count my many blessings". Each day in the month of November I'm going to post my gratitude.  It's a way to get me blogging too.  Here's hoping my computer will let me.

How do I thank thee, let me count the ways:

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ, the Atonement, his gospel and all that it entails.  It is life changing.  I'm so grateful for it all and I wish everyone could have what I have.  On my sidebar I have a quote I keep displayed, it's from President Wilford Woodruff; they are his words, but I feel they are mine and so I claim them: