Thursday, November 21, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 21

“I may not always be with you 
But when we're far apart
Remember you will be with me
Right inside my heart” 

I am thankful Tom and Haley have moved in with us.  Should I be? That doesn't seem right - kids coming back to the nest, but they're here. They arrived yesterday and I am so happy about it.  Tom has joined the army - it's official. Tom is scheduled for boot camp in April, but it's possible he could leave even sooner. Like Tom's brother, Rick, who serves in the Navy, you don't usually end up living close by - meaning, we won't see them as often as we'd like. We are grateful for this precious time together and I could really use the help around here. 

Tom and Haley moved from Clovis where they lived close to their cousins plus Uncle Mark and Aunt Jo. After they left Aunt Jo called and said, "We're sure going to miss Tom and Haley.  They kind of spiced things up around here."  I don't doubt it. We know they are a lot of fun.  Looking forward to spicier days at the Blair house - loving Tom and Haley and wishing them the best!

Everyday an adventure!
Haley and Tommy spicing up life.

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  1. I remember you telling me that the advice you received was to get a bigger house as the kids started moving out, because then you'd have room for all the growing families as they returned. Good advice!