Thursday, November 14, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 14

"I [Martha], having been born of goodly parents . . ." (1 Nephi 1:1)
William Burton Reynders 
Dorothy McMullin Reynders
This picture is from their mission as they served in Nauvoo, IL.

My mother passed away four years ago this month.  My dad is still living, but has a caregiver in his home because he cannot care for himself.  I honor them in this post.  They taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I had a moment of thought as a mother, with many children, and I felt like I wasn't doing enough to provide for my children.  I didn't seem to have the money, energy, or time to give them opportunities in sports, dance lessons, etc. like I thought I should.  I was kicking myself for my neglect and yet there wasn't anything I could really do about it, but the Spirit taught me something very important - I was teaching my children the gospel of Jesus Christ, because of me they would know Him. I could see that my husband and I had made the gospel of Christ the center of our home. We were "goodly parents"; I found peace in that and it spurred me on to be ever more faithful in teaching and preaching Christ in my home.  Thanks mom and dad for helping me carry on the legacy of truth. I am thankful for my parents.

"I'm convinced that special blessings await the youth who reverence their parents through the good times and the bad times-when honest mistakes are made and when the wise suggestions prove to be right. Most of us, like Nephi, were born of 'goodly parents,' and the best we can offer in return is to strive to be goodly children."(The Road to Somewhere: A Guide for Young Men and Women, p. 94.)

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