Friday, November 22, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 22

"God writes the gospel
not in the Bible alone
 but on trees and flowers
and clouds and stars."

We had a lot of rain yesterday and it's still raining today.  Rain helps things grow.  The state flower for California is the poppy.  I remember going out to see the poppies as a child and having my picture taken in what seemed to be a sea of orange.  I still love seeing the poppies and we carry on the tradition of taking pictures in the poppy fields, but the last few years have been very sparse.  We live in the poppy capital of California.  I'm praying for rain and praying for a good year of poppies in the spring.

I am thankful for poppies.
Poppies bring happy childhood memories.
I plant them in my garden and  look for them every year!

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