Monday, November 25, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 25

Me, Adam, Mark, Beth
This pictures was taken in November 2009
We gathered together to visit my parents.
My mother had been placed on hospice.
She died weeks later.

As a kid growing up, you could do a lot of griping about your siblings, but I have to say in the big scheme of things I've got it pretty good.  I know the reason I've got it good is because my brothers and sister all try to live the gospel and if you live the gospel you can't help but get along.  I'm the oldest, Mark, Beth, and then Adam.  I am thankful for my brothers and sister.

"Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply ..."

Jane Austen, 
Mansfield Park, 1814

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