Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 5

Hugh and I both turned 60 last July.
We're going on 38 years of marriage next February.

Who'd a thunk we'd be this old?
Who'd a thunk we'd be married so long?
Who'd a thunk we've done all we've done?
Thanks for the memories!!!
You're a KEEPER!

I don't know how to say this without sounding somewhat odd, but then I am an odd duck of sorts.  I really had to think about getting married.  Maybe that's not so odd after all - marriage takes some thinking; I mean we're talking time and in our case all eternity too.  But I wondered, maybe I would rather be single?

When Hugh asked me to marry him I remember the Spirit making an impression on me,"You can be happy single, but your greatest happiness will come through marriage" - and I might add who you marry.  I said, "Yes."  I am thankful for my husband, but I am also thankful for the institution of marriage.  It's part of Heavenly Father's plan - The Plan of Happiness.  Now after nearly 38 years and still counting, of ups and downs and all around I get it more than ever - marrying Hugh was one of the BEST decisions I ever made.
“In the enriching of marriage
the big things are the little things.
It is a constant appreciation
for each other and a thoughtful
demonstration of gratitude.
It is the encouraging and
the helping of each other to grow.
Marriage is a joint quest for the good,
the beautiful, and the divine.”

James E. Faust,

"The Enriching of Marriage,"
general conference,
October 1977

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  1. Marriage is great! Congrats! It is true, it flies by when your having fun. We will be 10 years this summer.