Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 13

I am thankful for books.

I have never really been a big reader.  I've read more the older I've gotten, thank goodness. I feel like I missed out when I was younger, but I was very active and would be much more content to go outside and ride a bike. Riding a bike is a good thing, but there is joy in reading too. I have memories reading when I nursed my children.  Yes, I was bonding, but I took some delight in the fact that I couldn't get up to tend to other things and therefore, felt very justified in sitting there and reading.  Other people wouldn't have to find an excuse to sit and read, but me and my busyness could easily get the better of me. I needed a reason to sit. Seven years of nursing gave me plenty of opportunities to bask in a book.  I happily did so.

I have favorites listed on my sidebar and recent reads, but I very much value the daily reading of  The Book of Mormon.  I claim it as my favorite book. I have learned of the strength and power that comes through daily study.  My favorite talk from the latest general conference was from Elder Boyd K. Packer.  He said:

"The scriptures
hold the keys
to spiritual protection."

I believe it.  I have experienced it.  I live it.  I know it - reading from the Book of Mormon daily makes a difference. I am so grateful to have it.  I am blessed because of it.

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