Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

I'm still sick, but not sick enough to send a Valentine greeting:

Have a great day!

"Whoso loves,
believes the impossible."

Monday, February 13, 2012

Your Day for a Mission

Tommy's girlfriend, Ariel, has been called on a mission. We're so excited for her.  She'll be entering the MTC (Missionary Training Center) May 9th. Amazingly, she's going to the same mission my niece is serving in - Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square. Who knows, maybe they'll even get to be companions.

And Sister Reynders is now on Temple Square.  In her last letter she shared her testimony.  She is so excited and happy to be serving.  I'm so proud of her. Look for her picture on my sidebar.  Give it a click to check out her blog.

Being that I've mentioned these two young women and their missions, I wanted to post this little video of Elder Neil L. Andersen telling about Syd Going (rugby superstar) and his missionary experience.  I love it!

"I know that a mission
will provide
extraordinary blessings
for you now
and throughout your life."
 Elder Richard G. Scott
"Now Is the Time to Serve a Mission!"
Liahona, May 2006

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary???

It's my anniversary - 36 years Hugh and I.  Make it 42 including all the dating years.  But I'm sick today and have been since Thursday night.  It's been a bummer long weekend.  We went out to lunch Friday trying to revive me.  Happily Hughie taught my Sunday School lesson today and thankfully others intervened for my other Sunday commitments.  So what am I doing?  Sitting around in my pajamas blogging.  Here's hoping for a better week of health and more years of happiness with my husband.

"One comes to realize very soon after marriage that the spouse has weaknesses not previously revealed or discovered. The virtues which were constantly magnified during courtship now grow relatively smaller, and the weaknesses which seemed so small and insignificant during courtship now grow to sizable proportions. The hour has come for understanding hearts, for self-appraisal, and for good common sense, reasoning, and planning."

Spencer W. Kimball
"Oneness in Marriage"
Adapted from a BYU Devotional Address
September 7, 1976
Liahona, October 2002

Check out the date on this quote - 1976.  Hugh and I had been married a little over six months. I was working full-time at BYU in the Transfer Office as a computer operator. I couldn't attend the devotionals, but they would always pipe them in for us to hear.

Hugh was enrolled for Fall semester and starting up at BYU again. He had to drop out over the Spring/Summer term because he had injured his knee playing softball with the ward team just six weeks after we moved to Provo. With surgery and physical therapy, he was literally just getting back on his feet. It had been a reflective time for him and he decided to change his major from Speech Therapy to Geography during his convalescence.

At this time, Hugh was also working early morning janitorial at BYU's Movie Studios during the week and on Sunday's he cranked up the heat in one of the buildings on campus. Interestingly, his BYU job has been the only job where Hugh had to work on Sunday. Of course, the reason he was readying the building was so students could attend church.

We were both 23-years old and newly married, now, 36 years later - AMAZING!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

More of 2011

For some reason I never posted this collection of pictures I assembled last December.  I think I was in search of more pictures to add to it.  I obviously forgot about it, but here it is, late, and with some food for thought.  Look at the date on that quote!  I was Janna's age going to AVC just like she is now.

"We need not feel that we must be without fault in order to receive the blessings of God. He will take us from where we now stand if we will come to him. He will build us up, spiritually, and he will build us up with confidence in ourselves."
Thomas S. Monson

I was reviewing our pictures and I have tons of undocumented stuff that happened in 2011. Anyway, I just thought I'd post some photos that I hadn't used earlier to wrap up the year.

Tommy and Joseph
The Big Guns

Jeremiah and Janna
A little trip to the Indian Museum
before he left for Puerto Rico.

Cassie and Tom
Saying "good-bye" as Cassie
heads out to Puerto Rico.

Emma and her family came visiting over Thanksgiving.
Janna and Emma went on a photo shoot.
I thought this was such a great picture of Emma.
She's a beautiful girl. 

Scenery from Tom's Mountain Trip
August 2011

Uncle Mark and Tom
Hiking on Thorley Mountain

Janna and Janet last summer
Forever Cousins

Elder Norton and Elder McMullin
Sierra Ward Activity
I don't make a habit of taking pictures of our local missionaries, but I wanted to get one specifically of Elder McMullin because he has my mother's maiden name.  When I meet a McMullin I just gravitate and figure we're related.  There are McMullins in the world, but not all with the M-c-M-u-l-l-i-n spelling.

58 years and counting!
July 4, 2011

I paid of visit to my cousin Cassie in September.
I got to see her new house and her family,
and I got lucky and saw her oldest daughter, Perri,
who was also visiting.

Sam, waterlogged in Cassie's pool,
but happy to be on a bit of a vacation.
We spent the summer watching Poppy
and dealing with his house.
We were happy to spend some time
visiting family in Clovis, CA.

Dani and Janna
Janna would like to claim Dani is her clone,
"Why didn't they name her Janna Nell?"

Having a Merry Christmas!

Happy New 2012!