Monday, July 29, 2013


Janna surprised me with a phone call this morning. I didn't plan on hearing from her, but she was able to call from the airport before leaving for Orlando. I was so pleased. She talked to Sam and then called her father at work. She's doing great even though we cried - it's all good! Here's a few final photos from the MTC:

The Best MTC District EVER!

In front of the Provo Temple,
all these missionaries are just part of 24 who
went to Orlando, Florida today.

Sister P., Sister S., Sister Blair, and companion Sister J.
"We pray with trust for strength and guidance—just as our forebears did. That's what it means to walk with faith in every footstep. It was so for our pioneer ancestors, and it must be so for us today. We must instill in our children and grandchildren the same spirit that drove the footsteps of the pioneers."—M. Russell Ballard, "Pioneer Faith and Fortitude—Then and Now"
Here's to faith in every footstep to Janna and all the missionaries!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gone and Ready to Serve

Janna flanked by cousins Emma and Janet -
at lunch before entering the MTC.

Janna is off.  Uncle Adam and the fam did their traditional pick up at the SLC airport yesterday.  Janna went a day early to spend a day with them before reporting.  They drove her to the MTC early this afternoon - July 17th. It's a day to remember, Janna is entering the MTC on her father's 60th birthday.

We're down to our little group of four.  There hasn't been just four people in our house since 1980 when Billy was born - 33 years ago.  It's quiet to say the least.  We're proud of Janna.  Best wishes Sister Blair!

“After all that has been said,
the greatest and most important duty
is to preach the Gospel.”
Teachings of Presidents of the Church:
Joseph Smith [2007], 330.

Janna greeted at the
Missionary Training Center.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I Want You to Lose Weight Now?

I'm 60 years old on the 4th of July
Needless to say, it's time to lose weight.
I have almost gained back
everything I loss that first month
before I fell.  Here's the stats:
January 1, 2013  250.8 lbs.
June 1, 2013  247.6 lbs.
July 1, 2013  249.4 lbs.
Gained back another 1.8 lbs.
Total Loss for the year  1.2 lbs

The one good thing I can say last month is I'm getting back into exercising.  I'm making headway, but it's been very, very slow.  Since I fell last February I haven't been very consistent with any physical activity.  I'm getting stronger and feel like it's just going to take time.  I took such a long break from exercise trying to recuperate.  I also took a big break from working, but will hopefully get back into that starting the new school year in August.  So I moved forward in the sense of exercise, but it wasn't much.

My scheduled physical for early June was cancelled.  I haven't rescheduled because nothing was convenient, but hopefully I'll get something on the calendar after Janna leaves.

I also have a new saying I've incorporated into my eating decisions.  I say this for other things, but I thought it applied to food too. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."  I'm telling myself that as I try to control my eating challenges. It seems to help.

This month we'll have a vacation up on Thorley Mountain.  The clear mountain air and surrounding should be invigorating.  I'm hoping for a daily hike while I'm there and plenty of time to read the scriptures.  There will be game playing, visiting, eating, and lots of fun no doubt.  Looking forward to a big therapy session.

"Over every mountain
there is a path,
although it may not be seen
from the valley."