Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gone and Ready to Serve

Janna flanked by cousins Emma and Janet -
at lunch before entering the MTC.

Janna is off.  Uncle Adam and the fam did their traditional pick up at the SLC airport yesterday.  Janna went a day early to spend a day with them before reporting.  They drove her to the MTC early this afternoon - July 17th. It's a day to remember, Janna is entering the MTC on her father's 60th birthday.

We're down to our little group of four.  There hasn't been just four people in our house since 1980 when Billy was born - 33 years ago.  It's quiet to say the least.  We're proud of Janna.  Best wishes Sister Blair!

“After all that has been said,
the greatest and most important duty
is to preach the Gospel.”
Teachings of Presidents of the Church:
Joseph Smith [2007], 330.

Janna greeted at the
Missionary Training Center.


  1. How exciting! Our youngest is submitting her papers next month! Monica's daughter will be our families first Sister missionary leaving Nov 27th with our daughter following close behind her!