Monday, July 29, 2013


Janna surprised me with a phone call this morning. I didn't plan on hearing from her, but she was able to call from the airport before leaving for Orlando. I was so pleased. She talked to Sam and then called her father at work. She's doing great even though we cried - it's all good! Here's a few final photos from the MTC:

The Best MTC District EVER!

In front of the Provo Temple,
all these missionaries are just part of 24 who
went to Orlando, Florida today.

Sister P., Sister S., Sister Blair, and companion Sister J.
"We pray with trust for strength and guidance—just as our forebears did. That's what it means to walk with faith in every footstep. It was so for our pioneer ancestors, and it must be so for us today. We must instill in our children and grandchildren the same spirit that drove the footsteps of the pioneers."—M. Russell Ballard, "Pioneer Faith and Fortitude—Then and Now"
Here's to faith in every footstep to Janna and all the missionaries!

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