Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Computer



Some people seemed destined to have car problems, teeth problems, health problems.  I guess we've all got something we're dealing with.  Ours is evidently computer problems.  We bought a new computer and within a week it just wasn't functioning anymore.  Rather than struggle like we did with the last one (for over a year) and then found out it wasn't us it was the computer, we decided to just take it back.  All of a sudden our ol' clunker of a computer doesn't seem so bad, in spite of it's seven year age and limitations.  What a mess!  Our consistent torment with computers goes on.  It made me think of a T-shirt I saw someone wearing once:

"You know how you have one of those days,
Well, I have one of those lives."

Here's hoping for a better computer situation - someday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the Program for the Rest of My Life

Happy New Year!

It's resolution time.  I'm going to lose weight this year instead of gaining - famous last words.  How many times have I said it?  How many times has it been my goal?  I wish I could start with a picture, but with the computer complications I've been having I'm not going to deal with it.  (I'll add one later. Suffice it to say, we need a new computer. Blogging will be easier and better when we get one and hopefully that will be this year.)

I weighed in this morning at 250.8 lbs.  I'm a good double what I was when I got married.  YIKES!  I will be writing about my doings throughout the year.  This is my number one goal I will focus on and will continue to focus on, hence, my blog post title:  On the Program for the Rest of My Life.

Family Home Evening this week was from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's latest general conference talk Of Regrets and Resolutions, he said:

"Let us resolve to follow the Savior
and work with diligence
to become the person
we were designed to become.
Let us listen to and obey
the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
As we do so, Heavenly Father
will reveal to us
things we never knew about ourselves.
He will illuminate the path ahead
and open our eyes
to see our unknown and perhaps
unimagined talents."