Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Computer



Some people seemed destined to have car problems, teeth problems, health problems.  I guess we've all got something we're dealing with.  Ours is evidently computer problems.  We bought a new computer and within a week it just wasn't functioning anymore.  Rather than struggle like we did with the last one (for over a year) and then found out it wasn't us it was the computer, we decided to just take it back.  All of a sudden our ol' clunker of a computer doesn't seem so bad, in spite of it's seven year age and limitations.  What a mess!  Our consistent torment with computers goes on.  It made me think of a T-shirt I saw someone wearing once:

"You know how you have one of those days,
Well, I have one of those lives."

Here's hoping for a better computer situation - someday!

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  1. Computers can make life so much easier, but also can be such a pain! I hope you get your computer woes figured out soon.