Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 26

I am thankful for pie.

My assignment for Thanksgiving is making the pies.  When I was a girl, my grandmother, Cassie, always made the pies.  When I got older (after my grandmother passed away), my mother would give me the assignment of making the pies for big gatherings.  I asked why she never made the pies because I knew she could do it.  I absolutely loved her pumpkin pie - Costco can't top it.  She said, "Because I don't like to make pie!." So that was that.  For whatever reason, I like gardening, I like doing dishes (that is if I'm putting them in the dishwasher), and I like (or at least I'm very willing) to make pie.  I'm getting things ready for the big day on Thursday.  We'll have two chocolate, pumpkin, apple, and pecan.

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