Saturday, November 30, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 30

I am thankful for journals
and the hope in Christ 
they leave to others.
President Kimball's words, "Journals are a way of counting our blessings and of leaving an inventory of these blessing for our posterity."  I keep a journal, but I don't think it is as full of blessings as it should be.  I'm going to try and make it more of that in my twilight years - showing my gratitude will hopefully show my family the importance of the Lord in our daily living.  I am thankful for journals - in all forms (blogs, journals, saved talks, and my collections of letters I have sent to my missionary children).  It's been a good month of being thankful.  I need to do it more. I'm off to a good start. This will be one of my goals in 2014 - being more thankful and recording it.

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