Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 19

I am thankful for gardens.
"Use plants to bring life."

There is lots to be thankful for when it comes to gardens and gardening.  Here are some of my feelings:

1.   Gardens are beautiful (or at least they can be - no one likes weeds).
2.   Gardens can provide food - YUM!
3.   I personal enjoy working in the garden (definitely like it more than cleaning house).
4.   It's a great place to meditate.
5.   Sunshine is a good thing (except in my case - yikes! - skin cancer - wear sunscreen).
6.   Gardening can help you learn to live providently. I'm not sure it's working in my case.
7.   It's a form of creativity.
8.   It's something to share with others - seeing the flowers, giving the flowers, giving the food.
9.   Love the fragrance - except the allergy part.
10. Love watching things grow.
11. I delight in seeing humming birds and certain birds frequent my garden (not so happy when birds, bugs, cats, and squirrels abuse my garden and definitely no dogs allowed).
12. God's earth is a garden. 

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