Sunday, November 3, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 3

"I believe that music
heals the soul."

You may wonder if there is a rhyme or reason to my thankful posts - there is none.  Whatever suits me at the time and today I've decided, I am thankful for my piano and that I know  something about music

People have said I cope well.  When I read the above quote by Alex Boye I wondered if that is why I do cope - sit down and play the piano, sing a song, bask in the music.  I readily have a therapy session with the joy that music brings.

I know I lack in so many ways when it comes to playing the piano and now the organ at church (usually once a month these days). I should play better than I do.  I should have practiced more and should practice now. I am sure there are many who wish they knew a little of what I know; not to mention the fact that I even own a piano - that's on many a wish list.  Believe me, I'm not boasting in spite of how it may sound.  The reality is I'm going through this recognition.  I'm just a few days into this 30-days of thanksgiving thing and  I'm seeing, again, how much I take my blessings for granted.

One of the fingers on my left-hand started hurting this summer - Arthritis?  I don't know, but I decided to start playing the piano everyday to get it moving and it feels better.  I feel better, that's the whole point.  I love the piano and I love that I can play and sing.  Heavenly Father has been very generous - parents who insisted on me learning to play the piano, a husband who joined with me in the value of having the instrument in our home, my desire to sing and serve in music with church, and I definitely use it when I substitute teach. I do regret not teaching my children better at the piano.  It seemed I always had a child in my arms and with that busyness I never made it the priority to keep at it with the kids.  I always thought I'd have more time later  . . . and yet . .  maybe I do - ETERNITY!  I'd like to think music will be even more a part of my life as well as for my children; in the meantime, I better keep practicing.

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  1. Music communicates in ways that words alone cannot.