Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Did I say "HATE"?

Subbing has been good, but this week really didn't start out very promising. It seems like I've been sick ever so long. Spring is that time of year when my allergies become so unbearable. At times I can hardly talk let alone sing. I use to just hunker down in my house and try and cope with my condition, but I'm employed now - exposed to the public. I take lots of medication trying to keep the weirdness at bay, but I still find myself overwhelmed by pollen.

I get discouraged when I'm like this. I woke up Monday morning and dragged myself out of bed to get ready for work. Later Hugh was sitting at our dining room table reading a magazine while eating breakfast. As I prepared to leave, I stood in front of him mournfully. I did not want to go to work. I took a big breath and let out a sigh. With my head bowed I quietly said, "I hate subbing." He looked up at me wide-eyed and said, "You don't have to do this, you know?" I shook my head. I did know. I told him that it wasn't that I "hated" subbing. I don't really hate anything (except . . . maybe split pea soup). It's just that when my sinuses get so hampered and I'm so miserable that it's hard to keep upbeat functioning through the daily rigors of a classroom let alone life. Ugh!

You're probably wondering why I'd even go to work feeling so terrible. What you don't know is that I am the Allergy Queen. I always have a sinus issue! The debate is - how bad am I today?

It was a second grade class I would be facing for the next two days. I already had them once the week before. I wasn't feeling good then either so I was by no means excited or motivated about the coming prospects of the week. Anyway, as my workday began I wasn't greeted by the usual school secretary, but one of the office clerks who was filling in. I introduced myself and told her what class I was taking for the day. She talked in a confident happy tone, as if she didn't need an introduction to me, "I know who you are," she said. "You're the Singing Sub." I was surprised at her declaration. I had never heard of such a thing. A smile came across my face as I thought and wondered about the accuracy of the statement. In conclusion I verbalized my agreement and said, "You know, I guess I am the 'Singing Sub'." I took my key and walked to class. Even though I had been trounced by an allergy barrage, becoming aware of my new designation lifted my burden. My countenance became a little brighter and my step a little lighter. What can I say, "I love substituting!"

"He who sings frightens away his ills."


  1. Martha: Just a suggestion if you haven't already tried it. Each year I get allergies that drive me crazy. I read an article about taking cayenne pepper to help relieve some of the symptoms. It doesn't make them go away entirely but it did help me. Just a thought.