Monday, April 20, 2009

Janna and Jake

Janna celebrated her birthday with the requested dinner of lasagna, tossed salad, and crusty bread. We also had cake and ice cream. Too bad the working mom didn't go the homemade route, I was even home today. I ended up serving store bought lasagna and cake in the interest of time, YUCK! In spite of the food downfall there were a few highlights, like the Peruvian hat Jake gave Janna. She's 17 years old today.

"...Happy Birthday Dear Janna..."
It's also our last meal with Jake before he leaves to see Cassie tonight. He's going to Disneyland tomorrow and then heading to Provo on Wednesday. We're glad he came to visit and stayed for Janna's birthday.
"Miss you."

"It was fun!"
“The great gift of family life
is to be intimately acquainted with people
you might never even introduce yourself to,
had life not done it for you."


  1. What do I need to do to be considered REAL family and get a cool hat like that - I've got the right name apparently!

  2. thanks for embarrassing me mom. :)

  3. Martha, I can still remember the great party you gave me when I was 13. I was at grandma's apartment and you brought all my friends over in the car and I came out clueless, thinking you were picking me up to go home. Everyone bent down in the car to hide. Then they all yelled SURPRISE! You got me so good and it was a blast. Thanks for your "party spirit" You make birthdays fun. Even the ones with the cruddy lazagna.