Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Counting Blessings - Day 27

I am thankful for my house.  You can't see much of it in this picture, but this picture got me thinking about our home. We moved here in 2006; had lived in an apartment before that for eight months waiting for this house to be finished..  This was our original group moving into what was then the Juniper Ward.  In this photo it's June 2008.  We would have lived in this house for a little over two years.  How much has changed from this time.

Here's a few things I have chronicled:

1.  We had just switched to the Sierra Ward because they changed the church boundaries. Since then we're still in the Sierra Ward, but we go to church back at our old building. No more walking across the street like we had planned.

2.  Hugh had been released from the stake presidency having served in that position for seven years, then served at the prison for two years, then as high priest group leader and now bishop again; at work he's laboring harder than ever.

3.   Sam was a nine-year-old Cub Scout.  Now he's a freshman in high school.

4.  Tommy would be leaving on his mission in August.  Since then he served in the Texas Houston South mission for two years, came home and worked for a year, some school, and then decided to be a carpenter, got married and now has decided to join the army.

5.  Janna was 16 and driving, going into her junior year of high school in the fall, and going on the stake youth conference trek the following month.  Now she's had several years of college and is serving a mission in the Florida Orlando mission.

6.  Becky, doesn't look a whole lot different.  Her hair is almost as long now as it is in this picture even though she has cut it several times.  A young adult here, but will be 31 this next February 2014.

7.  Me, I had been home a good 30 years.  I will start working the following August as a substitute teacher. I'm still substitute teaching; it's been five years.  We had been dealing with the care of my parents. My mother has since passed away and we have a full-time caregiver helping with my dad.

This house has been grand central station - that's why we bought it; traffic, traffic, and more traffic - so many visitors, so much going on.  It would have been very difficult at our other house.  It dawned on us one day that we should move and everything fell into place.  This house has served us well. More has happened than I've stated and, no doubt, more will happen over the next five years. - where will we all be then?

"There is nothing
like staying at home
for real comfort."

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