Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This video is about a little girl's perspective
living with her Autistic brother.
It touched me because
many of the children I service are Autistic.

Subbing has been a little different for me this year. Initially I ended up being in a class for approximately four months. It was a class I have subbed for many times over the years. I was happy to be there. I couldn't have done it without the help I received. The para educators who are in the class are awesome. They guided me, helped me, and together we made a team. I also had support from other staff and administrators. The children naturally  began to bond with me and accepted me as their real teacher; which they, of course, would do over time and yet, I was only the substitute. I was very temporary, there was no doubt about that. The teacher was ill, but is back in the class now.  The situation was very bittersweet for me because I too had bonded and made friends.  It was time to move on.

I sub for a reason - I don't have to work every day; yet the pressure of daily work was on me.  I felt compelled to be of service.  I felt being there was the right thing to do and I was glad to do it, but when it was over I felt I needed  to take a bit of a rest. It then seemed very odd not working for almost two months after having worked so consistently, but I was feeling a little tired, melancholy, and worn out.

Some years back I ended up taking a three month hiatus from subbing when my mother went on hospice and  eventually passed away.  I had things to do at home and it seems that's the case now with Janna leaving for a mission in July and Tom marrying in June.  My dad too was on hospice earlier this year, but is doing better.  We have also had many visitors which we were happy to receive. I have been very content to stay at home  with all the doings.

Well,  this post has been a kind of overview of my working school year.  It is now May and I have jumped in again with subbing. I am feeling better and am back in the swing of things.  I am assuming I will finish out the school year doing my usual two to three days a week.  

"Look for ways
to bless the lives
of others
through seemingly
simple acts of service."

Steven E. Snow

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