Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mormonville - Day 5

"Attend the temple. You will be blessed for so doing. Every man or woman who goes into the house of the Lord leaves there a better man or woman than he or she was when he or she entered the house of the Lord. The house of the Lord will have a refining effect upon you. It will cultivate unselfishness within your lives. It will build righteousness. It will impress upon you the importance of doing what you ought to do. Go to the house of the Lord." - President Gordon B. Hinckley

One of the main reasons we came on this trip was to attend the Brigham City Temple Open House which means we were able to go inside for a tour before it was dedicated.

Readying for our tour of the Brigham City Temple.
In front of us across the street set the Brigham City Tabernacle.

Another view of the Tabernacle

September 10th
In front of the entrance to the Brigham City Temple
in the morning sun.
We had tickets for an early tour.

The Brigham City Temple

Another view
It was built on a site of an old school.

After our temple tour we toured the tabernacle.

Antelope Island

After our time in Brigham City we hit Antelope Island.
The largest of all the islands in the Great Salt Lake.

The overcast day made our trip on Antelope Island very pleasant.

Real Bison Up Close

This was one of Lisa's favorite parts of our trip.  She's all about animals and being able to see the bison so close was amazing.  We also saw antelope and other wildlife as we toured the island.

Beautiful scenery, but not much in the way of trees.

Visited the original homestead.
Lots of history.
It boasts the oldest standing building in Utah.

On the way back our GPS got us lost trying to find a Cracker Barrel.  We finally found it on our own and had a nice dinner.  We spent the rest of our evening visiting with the Steven's, our hosts, (which we didn't take a picture of).  They were so good to us.  Wish we could have stayed longer.

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