Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mormonville - Day 2

Our first night we stayed with my cousin in Washington just outside of St. George.  We visited that evening with Doyle, his wife Julie, and their youngest son, William.  It was a real pleasure.

September 7th - Ready for another early start.
Breakfast and saying good-bye to my cousin Doyle
just before Lisa and I hit the road.

First stop - Cove Fort

Me and Lisa - Loving Cove Fort

Lisa -Checking out the action.

Covered Wagon Replica -
"I'm not getting in the seat.
Are you getting in the seat?"

After Cove Fort we filled our day with more driving.  We saw a number of sites in Provo, to name a few - BYU campus and specifically the BYU Art Museum.  We ate dinner at the Red Brick Oven reminiscent of my married days at BYU - back then it was Heaps of Pizza.  Every Monday Hugh and I went there dinner having their spaghetti special for $1.  We also went to Casey Childs Art Show at the Covey Center Theater and saw the play "Shot In The Dark" that evening.

Spend time with people who know how to use their days well. Just as iron sharpens iron, positive people will inspire you to be positive.

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