Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Confessions of NOT Being on the Program

Even though I made a commitment to stay strong in the month of March I easily waned while struggling to get better. I need to stay strong in spite of setbacks that come my way.

Confession #1 - I haven't exercised much, but I did start walking again.  I got in about three times a week the last two weeks of  March.  Yeah!  Hopefully exercise will be easier in April.  Mid-month I still had a bit of a headache and knee ache; but now, after two months from my fall last February, I'm feeling very recovered.  I'm definitely grateful and happy about that.

Confession #2 - My allergies always get the best of me this time of year and this year is no exception.  In fact, the doctor had me on prednisone for a week to get some of my acute symptoms to subside and it definitely helped.  I'm not perfect, of course, but I am feeling better.

Confession #3 - I only worked one day last month; very weird, since I was working daily for so long.  With hurting, being sick, so much to do (I won't list), and me moving along at a slower pace; it was just easier not to work and has given me some needed recoup time. Why is this any kind of a confession - eating makes me feel better when I'm feeling down and out.

The results for the month:
March 1st  235 lbs.
April 2nd  240 lbs.
Gained  5 lbs.
Total loss since January 1st  10.8 lbs

"A diet is when you
watch what you eat
and wish you could
eat what you watch."

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