Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Gathering 2012

"We gather together
to ask the Lord's blessings."
Theodore Baker, 1894

Ammon, hanging from a tree in our front yard.

More back blogging - There were a few days during the Thanksgiving 2012 holiday where we had lots of people in our home and lots of activities.
LA Temple Trip

Me, Adam, and Sally

The Dinner
Uncle Adam and the Bird

Devil's Punchbowl Hike

Five households represented
Grampy (the oldest - 59)
Jeremiah (the youngest - almost 9)

Checking out the view

Tom and Adam
Taking  pictures

Late Fall
Days like this make you glad
you live in California

Sally and Adam

Family Posing,
Blair's, Dedman, Spiel, and Reynders

The Gang's All Here!
The Little Rascals at Apollo Park
Happy to be together!

Feeding Ducks
Being together with cousins galore

2nd Cousins
Natalie and Ryan

2nd Cousins
Joseph and Ryan

2nd Cousins
Jayson and Dexter

A great gathering!
Happy to be together!

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  1. I'm loving all these blog updates. Your road trip looks so fun! Road trips are my favorite way to travel. I did on with a Spiel sister in law in march and we had such a nice time. Good luck on all your health goals. We're rooting for you! we'll see you in a few weeks.