Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alzheimer or Dyslexia?

Last year on my dad's birthday, Teresa, our caregiver, asked, "Coach, how old are you?"  His reply, "28." He was 82.

This year on my dad's birthday, Cassie asked, "Poppy, how old are you?"  His reply, "38."  He is 83.

We couldn't believe it, but here's the real weirdness.  We were amused by the whole thing and then realized he's actually 84 this year.  So I asked him, "Coach, how old are you?"  He said, "62."

My dad looked good on his birthday.  Scotty and Kate came to visit over the weekend.  He had a few cards, some cake, some conversation. He said he didn't hurt, that makes it even better.  I hope so, you never know if what he is saying is true even when it comes to hurting.  It was a good day - June 11, 2011

William Reynders with grandson William "Scott" Reynders
"You know you are getting old
when the candles cost more
than the cake."

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