Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Graduate

I'm late getting this info out - Janna graduated!  Also, about a month ago Janna received an award.  It was the Outstanding Female Drama Student 2010.  Here she is pictured with her drama teacher, Mr. Schmidt. She had drama all four years of high school and Mr. Schmidt was her teacher those four years. He was a big influence in her life and she feels she's a better person because of it.
  Lots of friends to say good-bye to.
The Indie crowd gathered once again for Janna's graduation
party a week before graduation.  It was at the Burgess house.  They supplied the place, we supplied the food, and Janna supplied the friends.  What a combination.  Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time and it was a nice prelude into her last week of grad rehearsals, saying good-bye, and the big day.
Khoa and Janna on the big day, May 27th.
Janna threw her hat before anyone else and must have screamed the loudest, "I've GRADUATED!"  We ended the evening as a family, out for dinner, talking.  The senioritis is cured.  Now it's time to move on to bigger and better things.

The BEST to you Janna! 

Janna after Seminary Graduation in May

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who'll decide where to go.

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