Friday, July 9, 2010

Christmas In July

Each Christmas for the last two years we have submitted stories to our compilation titled, The Family from Yosemite.  Our gift exchange is the reading of these entries when we get together over the holiday. The boys (Rick and Bill) originally intended it to be a book of funny short stories about our family, but it has evolved with thoughtful writing of a more spiritual nature too like the one I submitted last Christmas.  Not that that's a bad thing, but we've talked and realized that a lot of the funny things that happen in our family are not stories per say, but comments.  Things that have been said in certain situations that end up earning a reputation in the family.  Some statements are even used again and again and then become, shall I say, BLAIRISMS, one-liners destined to be passed on through the annals of time.

The latest idea is to come up with a cartoon or illustration of an amusing comment or situation.  Billy sent me one to get the creative juices flowing.  Everyone in the family will be submitting a story and/or cartoon this holiday season.  This tradition has been an economical and thoughtful way to deal with Christmas gifts for our growing family, plus we're recording our family history one story/picture at a time.

I'm going to explain this illustration because if you're not in the family you probably won't get it.  If you know me, you know I can't hear.  And like my father before me would say, "I can hear, I just don't understand."  Meaning, he could hear something, but he didn't necessarily hear what your were saying.  I definitely follow suit.  There is plenty of fodder for mishaps having a conversation with me.  Here is Bill's illustration of one situation, my explanation follows:

One day Sammy had a little friend over to play.  After a while he came downstairs and asked if he could play on the computer.  I promptly replied, "No, we don't have any root beer.  Would you like something else to drink?"

He stood and looked at me with the funniest face and just stared for the longest time not knowing what to say.  I know I'm notorious for hearing things wrong.  It then dawned on me that I had made a mistake, so I started to laugh when I said, "You didn't ask for root beer did you?"    He shook his head.  I kindly asked,  "So what did you say?"

He said, "I just want to play on the computer."

I said, "Yes you may."  I then continued to explain my hearing problem to him.  He turned and happily skipped to the office where Sammy joined him - no root beer included. 

Billy asked if I was offended by his illustration of me.  NO, definitely not!  Billy has me looking right on with my crazy hair, hiking boots, sweats, and my beige sweater my mother's cousin crocheted for her many years ago.  It is so old and I still have it and as pictured I often tie it around my waist when I get hot.  What a life I lead . . . more to come in December.

"When someone in the family has a hearing loss,
the entire family has a hearing problem." 

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  1. That's great! I think you need to crop that characture of you and make it your profile picture or at least keep it on the sidebar of your funny...that Billy.