Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unexpected Guests

"Fish and visitors smell in three days."

No smell here, we were happy to see everyone!

Wendy made a whirlwind visit.  Her grandmother wasn't doing well so she got a last minute flight out of Pensacola and was able to see her Grandma Hart before she passed away. Because of the circumstances Wendy got to see lots of other family too.  She spent one night with us.  Surprisingly, we calculated, her and Tommy hadn't seen each other in 4 1/2 years.  He took her to the airport the next day so they had a chance to visit a little more than the rest of us. 

Unexpected Guest = Unexpected Reunion
Tom and Wendy
Also,  spring break came early in Arizona.  Bill, Chelsea, and the girls came to town and spent a few days, then it was to Disneyland and back to Arizona.  It's always great to see the grandkids.  They grow so quickly.

Ryan, ready with her autograph book,
hoping to get a signature from a Disney Princess

Here's another princess,
Dani, 6 months now.

Ryan helping grandma in the garden.
During part of their stay Bill, Tom, and Ariel went on a hike. Add water and you'll find some scary cliff jumping.  They had a great time.

The Water

The Vistas

Ariel and Tom

Tom and Bill

The Craziness!


Before Billy left my brother, Mark, JoLinda, and Scotty came by. They were an overnight stop on their way to Disneyland. Everyone got to see each other at dinner, then Bill and his bunch headed out to rendezvous with other family in Brea.  The families (Bill's and Mark's) were all meeting up with other extended family at Disneyland the next day. Tom, Ariel, and Becky decided to join in.  They had a great time, but unfortunately - not many photos.

The Castle

Becky - so pleased she got to go.

Bill and Ryan


  1. I agree with you--it's good to have family members visit. Looks like you had fun!

  2. I'm getting old. I'll fix that.