Sunday, October 28, 2012

They Came, They Went

They came, they went and because of their visit I'm back on the blogging map. My niece and nephew came to town several weeks ago. Angie (coming from North Carolina) brought her husband Edward; and Jake (coming from Salt Lake City) brought his friend Jennie. We had a wonderful time!

Of course, they came to see Poppy, but we always get the fringe benefits of those who come to see my dad. Happily, Edward, dare I say, super computer geek, (super - as in he has literally saved my life with this computer of ours); he got me straight on downloading pictures so hopefully I'm good to go until something else goes haywire on this thing.  I'll finally get to post about my trip to Utah and other stuff that has been going down around here.  Thanks Edward!

Edward and Angie at the San Diego Temple

Visiting family gravesides at the La Verne Cemetery
Angie's great-great grandparents on her mother's side.


Angie, North Carolina girl
amazed at Red Rock Canyon

North Carolina boy - Edward
Checking out the foliage and landscape of the Mojave Desert

Tommy, Haley, Jennie, and Jake

A visit with Poppy.
Jake, Poppy, Angie, and Edward

Edward on the verge of a grueling game of Dominion!
Angie and Jake at the graveside of their little brother
Steven David Lockhart
He died at three weeks old from SIDS. He'd be 25 this year.
He's buried next to my daughter, Martha Ann Blair.

Hope to see everyone soon!
Edward and Angie with Hugh and I
Fun info about Edward:
He's related to Blair's in Vermont
See any resemblance between Hughie and him?

Cousins - Angie and Cassie
Even though Becky and I went to Angie and Edward's wedding last year, everyone else hadn't seen Angie in five years and it was a first trip for Edward to California.  We were glad they came and everyone was pleased to meet Edward; grateful Jake and Jennie made the trip too.  It was an awesome week.

"Y'all Come Back Now,
Ya Hear?!!"


  1. Ned and I have talked about going to the Mojave this year. Looks fun & hot...

  2. Sounds like you had a nice visit. Glad you're back up and running with your blog. I notice you've changed your background to an autumn theme!

  3. Wish we had known they were coming. Mom told me two weeks after. We miss those North Carolina cousins!

  4. Wish we had known they were coming. Mom told me two weeks after. We miss those North Carolina cousins!