Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

Time for a review of last year's goal and setting new ones.  I claimed I was going to lose weight, but I did not. 

1 - Losing weight will continue to be my number one goal this year.

2 - I am also going to keep a special journal where I write about what I am grateful for, how God has helped me and my family - those tender mercies I so easily forget about.  I decided on this goal after my month of thankfulness in November.  It did something for me to think about what I was grateful for each day. Isn't that what were suppose to do everyday in prayer - that's what I'm saying, I've got a problem. I know I am not grateful enough and I'm hoping this will help me.

3 - And last, but not least, I am going to pull together other stories I have written and other stories from extended family to include in our family history book - The Family from Yosemite.  Hughie will definitely help me on this so not all of the responsibility will be on me.  I'd like to categorize my blog posts better too so other family and friends can find my stories easier.

Elder John A. Widstoe:

“As I view it, in every family a record should be kept. … That record should be the first stone, if you choose, in the family altar. It should be a book known and used in the family circle; and when the child reaches maturity and goes out to make another household, one of the first things that the young couple should take along should be the records of their families, to be extended by them as life goes on. … Each one of us carries, individually, the responsibility of record keeping, and we should assume it.” (Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, July 1920)


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  1. Sounds like you have some good goals!

    Happy New Year!