Monday, April 7, 2014

A Hike or "The Trek" Revisited

Scenic Red Rock Canyon

A few Saturdays ago Hughie and I joined our new friends Michael and Cheryl for a trip to Red Rock Canyon. They are from St. Louis, Missouri.  Hughie is always about showing the sites and going on a hike for visitors and new comers. It's just that when that's going on I'm usually not included.  Instead, I have stayed home and prepared a meal for everyone which they enjoyed when they got back; not to mention, there was always a baby or toddler to tend to that couldn't make it either - somebody's got to watch the kids. This time there were no babies to watch and we combined our efforts and packed a picnic lunch.

I haven't been to Red Rock Canyon since the kids were little and never with Sam - so 20 years, maybe, was the last time I was there with some visiting cousins. Anyway, we were off to what I've seen in pictures time and time again.  I questioned if I would be up for the challenge, but Hughie assured me that he would go easy on me.

Let's face it, walking and climbing are two different stories.  I went on the stake trek a few years ago and made it, so maybe Hughie figured I would be good to go.  Two and a half hours later I had been pushed and pulled through the red rocks - beautiful vistas were in view for our efforts; but my 250 lbs. up and down those mountains wasn't easy - dare I say "worse than the trek".  Worse because I didn't have to climb like that. It's a wonder I didn't end up falling off a cliff, but we all made it. Cheryl had her share of challenges too, but we all worked together and did it.

It made me think of some activities we did on the trek. The kids were given a problem they needed to figure out together and that's exactly what we had to do.  I couldn't have done it alone.Our lunch was extra tasty when we finally sat down to eat. Surprisingly, I wasn't sore the next day.

Cheryl and I keeping up and having fun!

For some must push and some must pull,
As we go marching up the hill;
So merrily on our way we go
Until we reach the Valley-o.

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  1. Good for you, and how nice to not be sore the next day!