Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I've been off the bandwagon for a while for various reasons, but a new year is approaching and I want to get back on.  I'd like to think I'll do some post about my doings, but I'm worried about my busyness.  I guess I've got a writers block or something and my stifling ability at the computer isn't helping.  But I do have a lot of fodder from our family's storybook - The Family From Yosemite.  I have mostly put up my own writings except for a select few, but in the coming year (if nothing else) I plan to include some Family From Yosemite stories from other family members (with permission, of course).  I am also indexing as of late and I'm so thrilled with my new scope on family history.  Anyway, my point is as I look to 2015 as a year of family history pursuits.  I am going to search my memories of the past and try and record the simple things that could easily be lost if not recorded.

I reviewed my posts for goals for 2014.  My lack of review was an indicator of the new year.  I didn't have much to say. That's probably an indicator of how my year started and went.  I said, "I'd lose weight."  I did not.  I've gained.  I said, "I would be more thankful." - which I started in Thanksgiving of 2013.  I did keep a Thankful Journal through the year.  Here's the goals for 2015:

I will continue a Thankful Journal in 2015.  It's been helpful to me and I know I can be even more thankful.
  • I claim I will lose weight in 2015 - Hoping our Jingle Bell Challenge will be a kick start. 
  • I will work on family history in 2015 particularly with blogging and indexing, but searching too.
  • Janna will be home early in the new year and no doubt moving on later in the year. Sharing some time with her after being gone for a year and a half is important to me.
Happy New Year!  I'm back on the wagon.

"Always bear in mind
that your own resolution to succeed
is more important than any other."
Abraham Lincoln

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