Sunday, April 20, 2008


We’re celebrating another birthday at our house. Janna is 16 today. To honor her we finally went to see WICKED. Last night 12 of us converged on the Pantages Theater nosebleed section for the evening performance. Our enthusiastic group of friend and family still had a good view of things in spite of being in the last two rows of the theater. (Ohhh.....Mommy is always trying to save a buck!) Janna was pleased and we all had a nice time.

We plan to do some more celebrating tomorrow. Chicken Tetrazzini (Janna‘s favorite), asparagus (that was my choosing), and chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Janna! I love you!

"A daughter may outgrow your lap,
but she will never outgrow your heart."
--Author Unknown

5 p.m. - not quite "witching hour". We're heading out the door for WICKED. Scott Reynders (one of our fun Clovis, CA cousins) and Janna - READY TO GO!!!


  1. How Awesome!! We are HUGE Wicked fans. Many happy birthday wishes to Janna! Wanna share the chicken tetrazzini (sp?) recipe?

  2. Happy Birthday Janna! I can hear your tone of voice and see your facial expressions in your writing (Mommy always trying to save a buck) I love it! Kayla is 16 now too. Geez... it feels like time goes by quicker the older I get.

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  4. We had so much fun and can't stop talking about it. We would like to go again in Aug. when Kate is home. Everyone is volenterring to to go again with Kate. I am going to look at is some more when I get home. Send us some of the pictures that Jana took at the theater.

  5. We had so much fun and are still talking about it. Send us some of the pictures that Janna took in front of the theater.

  6. How fun! Jeremy and I saw wicked last December and loved it!

    We are so glad you found our blog, this is such a nice way to stay in touch :)