Saturday, September 20, 2008

Digging Out in Texas

"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." --Mosiah 2:17

The day Tom received his mission call to the Texas Houston South Mission, I teased him, "You're going to get hit by a hurricane and be digging out for the next two years." Well, when I said that, I didn't think I was being prophetic. Hopefully he won't be digging the whole two years, but right now he is. We just received an email from Brother Thell Williams who worked with Tom today. We are so grateful for the email and picture he sent us. It's our first view of Tommy on his sojourn in Texas. Anyway, I'm so pleased to have it so I decided to post it. A missionary likes letters, but parents like letters too.

Elder Blair on the right (with the black name tag) and Brother Thell Williams (in a Texas Longhorn shirt) and the rest of their crew from Austin, Texas (wearing yellow Mormon Helping Hands T-shirts).

Dear Bro. and Sis. Blair,

My name is Thell Williams, from Austin, TX. My stake, today, sent 250 men to the Houston area to help with the Hurricane Ike relief. We were split up into teams of 7 with a missionary to help work and show us around. I didn’t really think about our missionary until about half way through the day I noticed what a hard working, kind young man he was. So I asked his name and of course he told me Elder Blair. Well we worked the entire day together and what a delight it was for me to work side by side with such a fine young (green-ha! He only got us lost twice!) kind Elder from California.

He could use a chain saw better than any of us and when I asked why, he said he learned it all from his Dad and his construction company! And he could out work any of us which was actually a little embarrassing to have a Californian out work a Texan! :) I told him my daughter served in the San Fernando Valley mission (Sis. Williams, ‘96-’97). We were able to visit her while she was on her mission and travel through your city. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your son. A gentle strong young man with great determination and a desire to really serve his fellow man. I think he’s going to serve the Lord and Texas very well. Thank you for sending him on a mission, we’re glad he’s in Texas and we’ll all take very good care of him.

God Bless,

Bro. Thell Williams


  1. How fun!!!! That was so nice of the Brother to write and send a picture. What great experience for Tommy to have right at the beginning of his mission.
    I laughed when he said that Tommy was showing them where to go - Was this picture taken in Victoria where he is serving? Would please forward all his letters to my kids. They all want to be on the list. Let me know if you don't have their addresses.

  2. Well, I just got on here to tell you I want to be in the loop for Tommy's emails, but I guess my mom got to you first. What an awesome way to start a mission!

  3. WOW ! i loved it that was so nice he sent that ! Also i'm so proud of tom ! anywaz i beeter be on the e-mail list of getting his letters send them to rubens address to !

  4. Hey,
    Tommy is such a stud! Good for him. When I read the letter and saw that the writer's last name was "Williams" I autmatically wondered if he was kin from Dad's side. Hmh, one could only wonder.

  5. Oh, that is the sweetest letter. Tommy must have made quite an impression, for that man to kindly take the time to write and send a letter. Looking at the picture I couldn't help but think of Billy on his mission. What a wonderful family you've raised. All three of the boys served such valiant missions, it must make you feel so good to be their mom.