Monday, January 5, 2009

Cousin Rendezvous

Rick and Annie are cousins who use to spend time together in their growing up years at family get togethers, but now they are grown. Both are the oldest children in their connected cousin families. They each have their own family now. Rick living in Okinawa and Annie in Star, Idaho.

Because they were both traveling during the holidays they had a rare opportunity to rendezvous at my parent's house. Rick's family, Janna, and I converged on their home for a brief 30 minute encounter. It was fun to see their children interact with each another. We took pictures and talked briefly about the latest news. Then it was hugs and kisses and the Spiel's were off to visit more family and indulge in other holiday fun like the Utah vs. Alabama Sugar Bowl game. We're grateful for the happy time we had with them.

Rick and fam - Okinawa
Annie and fam - Star, Idaho
Rendezvous point - Lancaster, California

"Cousin to cousin we’ll always be,
Special friends from the same family tree."

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  1. What a great picture. I am glad they saw each other even for a few minutes.