Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We ventured to LAX yesterday to get Janna started on a two-week vacation visiting her brother, Rick and family in Okinawa. She happily, but tentatively took on the challenge of her first solo flight, which was international no less. She arrived in Okinawa today in spite of our worry and concern. I'm so excited for her! What a great opportunity.

Japanese Proverb:
Koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu.
Literally: If you do not enter the tiger's cave,
you will not catch its cub.
Meaning: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
You can't do anything without risking something.


  1. I love your posts. It's like Billy always told me while I slaved away at my English essays usually at your house, "Stephanie! Just get in and get out!" It's true it just makes for better and more entertaining writing. I have a lot of friends with blogs and yours and probably Carrie Dunn's is the only one's I read practically every post, your just to entertaining to just click off. Well, good for Janna. A brave girl, that one.