Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Mama Drama

My friend's blog is titled "A Mama Drama", but I'm taking the title for my post today. Everyday really is a mama drama when you think about the ups and downs of life. Today's drama entailed Janna getting her license. We've had weeks of "drama driving". I'm so glad she was successful. Now we've got to concentrate on her learning the stick shift.

Today my mother fell. I won't talk about that. Suffice it to say, "She's alright in spite of the drama!"

I scheduled eleven more jobs today. Four consecutive days for one teacher and seven Fridays for another. I'll be subbing while they're attending workshops. "Hip, Hip, Hooray! I've got work!"

I went to Back-to-School Night with Sam this evening, that was the calm part of my day. I was happy to share a bit of time with him.

I'm off to spend the night at my parents and hoping for less drama in my busy days.

"Save the drama for yo mama."

It's telling someone to stop yappin', stop complaining about what's wrong with this, what's wrong with that, and why you've got it so hard.--from Urban Dictionary