Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Reunion

The Reynders Kids
Mark, Martha, Beth, and Adam
and our parents
Bill and Dorothy Reynders
It's been a long time since we were all together.  My mother going on hospice care is what brought us together last weekend.  It was a nice experience enjoying one anothers company.  My mom has been amazingly alert.  She's been happy to visit with us and talk to other family and friends on the phone.  It was a great weekend.

“Through the restored gospel we learn there is an ideal family. It is a family composed of a righteous Melchizedek Priesthood bearer with a righteous wife sealed to him and children born in the covenant or sealed to them. With a mother in the home in an environment of love and service, the parents teach their children, through example and precept, the ways of the Lord and His truths. They fulfill their divinely appointed roles mentioned in the family proclamation. Their children mature by living teachings instilled from birth. They develop characteristics of obedience, integrity, love of God, and faith in His holy plan. In due course, each of those children seeks a companion with similar ideals and aspirations. They are sealed in the temple, bear children, and the eternal plan continues, with generation strengthening generation.”

Richard G. Scott,
“First Things First,” Ensign, May 2001, 6 

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  1. So nice to see all of you together! Our prayers are with your family right now.