Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Notes From The Field

Dare I talk bad about my missionary son, but he doesn't write very good letters or emails.  Maybe it's hereditary because his brothers and father were not very informative while on their missions either. I have to send out a form letter including a stamped-addressed envelope to try and drag out the information I want to hear. Don't get me wrong, Elder Blair writes every week, but the skimpy one liner of, "It was a great week," never cuts it.  I need to hear more.  Happily we hit the jackpot with a letter yesterday, so here I blog.

First, he apologized for being the worst letter writer on the face of the planet and promised to do better.  Then, he followed with a story; the kind of story I wish he'd take the time to write and share more often:

We had a really cool experience the other day.  It was hailing, which is really weird in Texas because the hail is huge.  We had a few hours before our next appointment, so not wanting to be in the hail, we went knocking.  There were only a few people home on the street, but we felt good about it, so we kept pushing through.  Then we got to this house on the corner, we went up to the door and rang the bell and this guy came to the door.  I told him we were missionaries from the Mormon Church.  He kind of looked kind of surprised to see us on such an ugly day, but being the nice guy that he was he asked us if we would like to come in out of the cold.
We sat down and he asked if we wanted anything to drink.  We said we were fine, and again he kind of gave us a blank stare.  We quickly, showed him that we were "normal" by asking him questions about his family, what his hobbies were, that kind of stuff.  He then asked us a pretty profound question, "Why does my church say if a baby isn't baptized, they'll go to hell?"  We answered his question and went into a powerful lesson about the plan of salvation.  We extended a baptismal date and he accepted for March 6th.
I know people are being prepared and searching for answers to their questions.  I'm so excited that Gabriel accepted our message.  I love being a missionary, and all the things that have come through obedience and hard work.  I know the Church is true, that God lives, and loves every single one of His children.  Even when we stray and make huge mistakes, we can still feel his love and be forgiven.

Even though the mission is hard, it brings such great blessings.  I love you and miss y'all every day.
Oh, that Elder Blair inspires me!  I miss him too, but what a great work he is doing.  He has six months to go and I'm guessing they will be his best six months yet.  What an exciting experience to share the gospel and find someone accepting of the truth.

"And if it so be that you should labor
all your days in crying repentance
unto this people, and bring,
save it be one soul unto me,
how great shall be your joy with him
in the kingdom of my Father!"


  1. What a GREAT story! Miracles are all around!

  2. What a great story! My third son who is 25 years old and was less active for along time is going to be putting in his mission papers in just a couple of weeks! So glad that you got an informative letter from your missionary son!

  3. Inspiring that Tommy. Sounds like you might be getting a little trunky for your missionary:p Hee, hee...

  4. So nice when letters like that come! Most of Jacob's letters were also very brief.