Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Born Leader

My oldest grandson, Jeremiah, along with his brothers are having their share of adjustments with the new move. They have left old friends in Buena Park and are making new friends here. They moved in with my father so their mother can help take care of him.

Jeremiah, had to change schools mid-year. He told me that there are more naughty kids at his new school than at his old one. We've talked about choices and it is something I talk about in classrooms I substitute for. There are always all sorts of unnecessary blaming and tattling at school as children learn to get along. UGH! They are always trying to get me to listen to all the naughty. My response is, "I want to know who made the right choice?" If they can't answer that question, then it leads to, "What should the right choice have been?" And once we figure that out, then it's, "Remember that for next time."

The general instructions I recommend:
  • YOU walk away from those making the wrong choice.
  • YOU make the right choice.
  • YOU lead the way.
And by leading the way,
  • YOU teach others how to act.
School has not been difficult from the academic end, but Jeremiah finds the children at school difficult because of their wrong behavior. Of course, Jeremiah isn't perfect. We're all on a learning curve, but happily, Jeremiah's teacher has caught him being "good". She sees that he's setting an example and trying to do the right thing when those around him are not. He's received recognition for such behavior, YEAH! But I have reinforced to Jeremiah, his brothers, and in the classrooms where I teach; your greatest reward comes in how you feel inside and how you feel about yourself.

"You don't need to compromise your standards to be accepted by good friends. The more obedient you are . . . the more the Lord can help you overcome temptation. You can also help others because they will feel your strength. Let them know about your standards by consistently living them . . . No one intends to make serious mistakes. They come when you compromise your standards to be more accepted by others. You be the strong one. You be the leader. Choose good friends and resist peer pressure together."


  1. Way to go, or should I say, way to CHOOSE, Jeremiah!!!!

  2. I remember once while visiting you seeing you tell your young children "I'm waiting for someone to make the right choice" I started doing that with my kids when I saw them getting into silly arguments and it usually ended up with someone saying "I'm sorry and the other then saying "I'm sorry too." Now that they are older, I see that they are trying to make the "right choices" without me prompting them. It satisfying as a mother to see that kids can really "make the right choice" all by themselves.

  3. I'm grateful for siblings that have recognized the importance of making the right choice and have set such a wonderful example for the rest of us. Love you all.