Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Tender Mercies of the Lord

From November through January I didn't work much because of all I had to do with my mother, father, Cassie and her kids, etc. To say the least, I have a big To Do List. In many ways I just couldn't work like I had. I really needed to be available for my family.

So . . . Mrs. Blair is getting picky. Picky about the classes she's accepting. I use to scramble and work wherever and whenever when I first started subbing in 2008. But now that I've got my foot in the door and I've gotten the hang of a few things; I've decided to be more selective. With that in mind, I'm really not sure how much I will be working, but I can see the hand of the Lord in all of my doings.

Many teachers who had been laid off were dumped into the substitute teaching pool. Regular education classes don't come my way like they use to; instead, I'm called on to substitute many of the special needs classes: resource, special day, and the trainable. To tell you the truth, I like it. I've decided I even prefer it: smaller class size, help from classroom para-educators, and I get paid more. What is stressful for some people is far less stressful for me and visa versa, with the increased class size in regular education and no help - GO FIGURE!

I love all children, but I'm all about this situation I have evolved into. It has become my niche and consequently I'm taking on more and more of these "special" classes. I'm being called consistently by the same teachers and it has become my preference.

I seem to get just enough work mixed with the responsibilities I have at home. I have a lot to deal with, but I feel blessed as I get through each day. I have experienced the tender mercies of the Lord. Since Elder Bednar's talk some years ago, I have been more and more aware of the tender mercies that are bestowed upon me. I also see them in the lives of my family and others. Tender mercies strengthen my testimony.

"I have experienced the tender mercies
of the Lord and I am so very grateful."
Martha Blair


  1. "Dude--" I bet your great with speacial needs kid. I can totally see this. I always thoguht I'd love working with mental disabled kiddos, but not necessarily special needs if that included the behavioral kids, that takes a ton of patience and a good sen of humor, but I could see you perfect in such situation, and I bet they love you.

  2. Thank you Martha for this post....I too have felt and seen the tender mercies of the Lord in just day to day things that strengthen my testimony and make me so aware of the Love our Savior has for us. We are preparing to bury our sweet Mom this Friday and so many little things have happened to show us His love for us and for our Mo. I have pictured our Mom's on the other side having a great visit!