Sunday, April 18, 2010


I received a few phone calls over my last post where I said I was physically crumbling.  That comment was based on the fact that I'm 57 this year.  I'm just three short years from sixty, overweight, and  I'm feeling it to say the least. If you thought that using the word "crumblng" was an exaggeration, I'm really crumbling now.

I've taken it to the next level with a fall.  My body doesn't hold up too well being slammed on the floor.  A couple of days ago, I tripped over a cord at my dad's house.  It wasn't just any trip.  I'm lucky I'm not seriously hurt.  (In spite of all the trauma, I'm assuming this is another tender mercy.)  One second I was standing, the next I was flat on the floor wondering how I was going to get up.  Thank goodness I'm alive to report it.  I'll be hurting for awhile.

I just hope I can keep up with work next week.  I'm scheduled to teach a kindergarten class every morning. No doubt those little kids will get me going.  I will also be helping another kindergarten teacher in the afternoon.  It just so happens to be my grandson's teacher.  Being with Jeremiah in class should be a highlight and his teacher seems pleased that I'll be there.

“The name of the game
is taking care of yourself,
because you're going to live
long enough to wish you had.”


  1. Or you could say what mom use to say: "You only got one better take care of it."

  2. Ouch, hope you mend quickly and enjoy your grandson's class!