Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here's TOMMY!!!

I can't believe we were late! The traffic was horrific. Really we got there just in time, but come to find out Tommy's plane arrived early. He waited 10 minutes for us. I guess the tradition continues. Hughie's parents were late picking him up on his mission return. He so didn't want to do that to Tommy, but it happened. Of course, any concerns melted away when we saw each other. What a happy reunion! And Hughie didn't take a picture of me hugging our son so I could put it on the blog!!!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! He was caught up in the happy moment too.

Tom was released that night with President Porter. He's Tommy Blair now and it's off to the dentist today to check out those teeth after two years. 
Sammy, Elder Blair, and Jeremiah
at the Long Beach Airport
"A mission can serve as a standard for the rest of a returned missionary’s life. . . .You can retain that same enthusiasm for your mission. Almost daily, you can draw upon the experiences you had and the testimony you built during those days. It would be foolhardy to throw away those months of growth and maturity or to become, once more, the same person who entered the field. Those who continue to nurture the personal growth that was so abundant in the mission field will one day be greeted by the Savior at the end of life’s mission with the words of divine approval: 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant.' (Matt. 25:21.)"
Bruce L. Olsen,“Home from a Mission,” Ensign, Jun 1991, 46


  1. Oh happy day! I bet your heart is so happy! I am happy for you and give my best to "just" Tommy!

  2. Tommy looks GREAT !!!! So proud of him. Thanks for sharing the love.

  3. Congratulations! He will probably pick one of his sons up late one day too! If it was LAX you would have to leave the day before to chance NOT being late!

  4. Love that Tommy. What a man!

  5. I loved to see and hear Tommy talk last Sunday. What a wonderful spirit he has. Love him and your whole family!