Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scripture Study Alzheimer Style

"A grandparent is a gift from above
one to cherish, one to love."

Tom had a special visit with Poppy this week.  It is difficult to carry on a conversation with Poppy, so Tom decided he'd read the scriptures with him.  In this first attempt, Tom set Poppy's Bible open on his lap so Poppy could feel like he was following along.  Tom then opened Poppy's Book of Mormon and read from it.  Poppy actually seemed to enjoy it.  He didn't know who Tommy was in spite of  Tom's explanation that he was his grandson.  While reading about Alma the Younger, Poppy looked up at Tom and with some vague recognition said,  "I think I know who that is."

Of Alma the Younger, the Sons of Mosiah, Tommy, and Poppy too:

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