Monday, February 21, 2011

35 Years!

My anniversary has come and gone, but I need to talk about it.  Hugh and I have been married 35 years, Feb. 12th.  I suppose a 35 year anniversary should be more eventful, but our life is so busy right now that we'll just have to squeeze the thrills in here and there to celebrate our landmark date.  We went to Dave's BBQ a week later.  We've got a little trip planned, but it's based around a family wedding (date still pending).  Do you see how we think?  It's like when we purchased a car last May, "Happy Mother's Day for the rest of your life!"  We needed the car so we fit the current event around it and make it count.  That's 35 years of such doings.  We usually go to the temple on our anniversary, but we're going this Friday, which makes it two weeks later.  Some fun thing will come our way sooner or later.  When it happens, I'll be saying, "Happy Anniversary for the rest of your life!"  In the meantime, can I say, I love my husband. And, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (9 days later).  And, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY (1 week later).  You're the BEST!

"The most important thing
a father can do
for his children
is to love their mother."


  1. Congratulations!! It's great the way you guys make life work for you. What a wonderful example you are of how to find joy in all the little things. 35 years is Awesome! :)